Myfanwy Owen
Greeting Professor Morgan!
Sun Jan 21, 2018 15:05

Only a day into the start of term, after classes but before dinner, Myfanwy took herself to the Headmaster’s office, hoping to catch their new leader, Toby, at an opportune moment. Of course it was the very start of term and this was a new - no, not new, he had been here before, apparently, at least that’s what the upper year students were saying - school for him, so he probably had loads of work to do. Nevertheless, nothing ventured was nothing gained, so Myffi knocked on the door.

When it opened she smiled cheerfully, green eyes bright behind her round, rose gold-framed spectacles, her dark hair tied up into a ponytail high on her head. To make a good impression she had elected to wear her uniform robes over a Lyra green strappy dress and grey marl leggings. “Croeso yn ôl i'r ysgol!” Myffi greeted cheerfully, and stepped into the office.

She had been in the room once before, when Headmaster Bonilla had been its occupant, when she had started here last term. The most noticeable difference was the large cage of ... some sort of small mammals. Myffi glanced at it before turning her illuminating smile back to the Headmaster. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said eagerly. “I’m Myfanwy Owen, I set up the Agricultural Club last year, growing organic foods in the grounds at school,” she introduced herself.

“I’m really interested in preserving our natural environment, and eating planet-friendly produce,” the sixth year continued, hoping to get to her point before she tangeanted into conversation about just about anything. “When I started attending school here last year, I wasn’t offered assurance that any of the eggs used in the school meals are free range, so over the summer I researched local wizarding free range farmers who might be in a position to supply the school,” she said, handing over a parchment with the aforementioned details neatly written upon it, “and I was really hoping you might be committed to providing planet friendly food here at Rocky Mountain.” She beamed, because Toby seemed just lovely so far, so she couldn’t imagine he wouldn’t want to help her make their school a better place.

    • Welcome, Myfanwy Owen! - Headmaster Tobias Morgan, Sat Feb 3 09:21
      It was a lovely first day into the start of term. Toby hadn’t anything pressing to do, so he had indulged himself by popping into a few of the classes and saying hello to students and staff. There... more
      • So pleased to meet you - Myfanwy, Tue Feb 6 16:15
        So far Myfanwy liked everything about the new Headmaster. He was very receptive to her agricultural club; it was very encouraging. She tried not to be too disappointed when Toby admitted he couldn’t... more
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