Headmaster Tobias Morgan
Welcome, Myfanwy Owen!
Sat Feb 3, 2018 09:21

It was a lovely first day into the start of term. Toby hadn’t anything pressing to do, so he had indulged himself by popping into a few of the classes and saying hello to students and staff. There were many new staff members since he’d been Headmaster - and a student turned staff, which Toby was just delighted by. One of the classes he’d stopped by had been Professor Samuel Boot, who was not quite excited as Toby was for the interruption. After a few pointedly muttered comments about goblin revolutions, Toby had taken his leave with the odd feeling that he and Boot had met before. But his attention was soon turned to Professor Lorraine Taylor’s Magical Sciences class. They were doing a unit on forensics, which was absolutely fantastic.

After making his rounds, Toby settled himself in his office to do some scheduling. He liked having his staff up to date on what was going on and a personal chat now and then wouldn’t do them a bit of harm either. Scribbling on his parchment, he hummed the tune that had been stuck in his head for the past several days. He’d heard it on his wizarding wireless just last week, something about a horse and a pickup truck. American music was so fascinating.

As Toby wrote things and crossed them out and wrote more things, his two sugar gliders - Gwalchmai and Gwalchavad - zoomed across the room, playing with each other. The first thing Toby had done upon re-arriving at the office he had so long ago was install a bunch of ledges throughout for the little animals to jump on and off of. They had been a gift from his daughter, Tima, when she had moved out to live with Sara. Such delightful little creatures.

Suddenly, there came a knock on his door and Toby stood, setting the quill down, and walked over to the door to open it. Hearing the noise, Gwalchmai and Gwalchavad both tumbled into their large cage to watch the goings-on from safety.

To his surprise, the girl on the other side of the door greeted him in Welsh! Returning the greeting in kind, Toby gestured for her to come in and seat herself in the comfy burgandy chair just in front of his desk while he went around to the other side to seat himself in his own comfy, black chair.

“Well that’s excellent, absolutely marvelous,” Toby beamed at Myfanwy. Such a go-getter at such a young age! Toby absolutely adored it when students used their innovative minds to improve the school. Wonderful. He took the parchment Myfanwy handed to him and examined it. The list seemed comprehensive and well-researched, at least to his eye. Such a delightful young woman! “Now I can’t do anything about this just myself,” he admitted, placing the parchment on his desk, atop the parchment he had been writing on, and looking at the girl in front of him. “But I can make sure that you have the opportunity to present your findings to the Governing Board so they can make that decision, what do you say? Wouldn’t that be grand?” Sometimes the Governing Board of RMI could be a bit stodgy but in Tobias Morgan’s personal opinion, a student taking this much interest in the school ought to be heard out. “And you say you just came to RMI last year? Were you at Hogwarts before that? I’m a proud Hufflepuff myself,” Toby added with a grin.

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