Awwwwww and cuddles
Wed Jan 11, 2017 14:26

At Aaron’s reaction to the kitten, Garen’s smile widened. Despite Aaron’s post-Godric claims that he was never going to have another pet again, Garen had been certain the only cure for how much Aaron missed the cat was to get a new one. He was glad—though not surprised—to see he’d been right.

Aaron was wearing one of his shirts, which Garen always found endearing even when it conflicted with what he had planned to wear that day. Most of Garen’s t-shirts were from productions he’d been in; today Aaron had stolen the shirt with the Company logo on it. The actor stepped further into the office and kissed his partner’s cheek. “You’re welcome.”

He felt very pleased with himself. Aaron had, in his opinion, always been better at gifts. Aaron made or enchanted little presents and was generally much sweeter and cleverer than he had any right to be. Garen usually gave his partner a book with a romantic note tucked somewhere in the pages. After the second year Garen expected Aaron to rifle through the book to find the love letter immediately, but he still waited for it, every time.

Garen was not as good at delayed gratification. Hence not being able to hold off on this gift idea until Christmas or Aaron’s birthday, which was a few days before Christmas. Which he wouldn’t have given a gift for anyway, because Aaron Did Not Do birthdays. Granted, since having kids Garen hadn’t celebrated his own birthday much besides spending time with his family, but that was different. Garen like any excuse to celebrate, really. Christmas was his favorite, and he (a bit narcissistically, he admitted) liked Father’s Day. The Embers girls had started giving him Father’s Day gifts sometime when Abby was still an RMI student, and although Garen had expected that tradition to end after Drew was born, the sisters had just added his son’s name to the gift tag. When Drew was a bit older they’d taken him to shop for a gift of his choosing. They’d started the tradition younger with Madeleine, who had memorably given Aaron a squeaky toy for Father’s Day when she was two.

Sharing holidays was nice.

“The kids helped me choose her.” Garen set the basket down beside the door. Madeleine had insisted on a female cat, because apparently between her fathers, brother, and the male parrot, she felt outnumbered. Garen didn’t think the cat’s sex would affect the gender breakdown in their home all that much, but it seemed to matter to his daughter. “She was the, ah, pounciest kitten they had. We thought she’d be a good match.”

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