So pleased to meet you
Tue Feb 6, 2018 16:15

So far Myfanwy liked everything about the new Headmaster. He was very receptive to her agricultural club; it was very encouraging. She tried not to be too disappointed when Toby admitted he couldn’t do anything about the supply of eggs himself. Myfanwy wasn’t completely naive, she did realise that there were other people involved in governing a school, not just the Headmaster, but he was the highest point of the pyramid to which she had access. Besides, he wasn’t even brushing her off, or making some sort of comment that made her efforts seem pointless, but actually inviting her to make her case to the people who could make a real change. She might have emitted a small squak of excited appreciation. “Oh my gosh, yes, that sounds completely amazing,” she enthused. “I’m totally on board for doing anything that might help our school be less damaging to its environment,” she nodded earnestly. Looking after the planet was everyone’s responsibility, but most people did not take it as seriously as Myffi; she was happy to pick up their slack.

“And you say you just came to RMI last year?” Toby asked. “Were you at Hogwarts before that?”

“Actually I was schooled at home,” Myfanwy confessed. She’d heard about Hogwarts from her father, so she knew about the Houses, especially Hufflepuff. “My Dad was in Hufflepuff,” she beamed at the ever-increasing sense of camaraderie her new Headmaster exuded. “I grew up about halfway between Ystrad Meurig and Pontrhydfendigaid, and my Dad was teaching me and my sister,” she explained. “But then my family moved to California to live in a Muggle commune, so it wasn’t really practical to do that anymore, and I wanted some qualifications anyway.” Actually she wasn’t sure she really wanted some qualifications, but she did want some friends who knew about and understood magic, and she had a satisfying handful of those now. It probably sounded better to an educational administrator that she had some focus on academic goals.

“Thank you ever so much for your time,” Myfanwy said, although she made no move to leave just yet - she didn’t want to overstay her welcome in Toby’s office but she didn’t want to look like she wanted to be gone in a hurry, either. She didn’t know whether he would want to talk to her more about her ideas for free range food now, or some other time. “If you ever have time to come to AgriClub it would be super to have you there. Loads of students are involved, it’s great fun. We got to eat some of our crops before the summer and everything.” Headmaster Bonilla hadn’t minded the club, but he didn’t seem to be especially enthusiastic about it. Myffi had good, strong vibes from Toby, though. He was going to be good for the school. She could tell.

  • Welcome, Myfanwy Owen! - Headmaster Tobias Morgan, Sat Feb 3 09:21
    It was a lovely first day into the start of term. Toby hadn’t anything pressing to do, so he had indulged himself by popping into a few of the classes and saying hello to students and staff. There... more
    • So pleased to meet you - Myfanwy, Tue Feb 6 16:15
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