Headmaster Tobias Morgan
Surprise Visitors, for me?
Thu Feb 22, 2018 06:58

Humming enthusiastically to himself, Tobias Morgan was currently waving his wand in the air, making shapes with sparks as he pretended to direct an orchestra. The instruments were clear in his head - he was humming one of his favourite pieces of classical music - but only in his head, since he had yet to determine how to get the music out of his head and into the air. Obviously there was the wizarding wireless, but Toby had never had much success with the blasted thing, and reception underground was a bit of a bummer. But no matter. Toby had his sugar gliders (although Gwalchmai and Gwalchavad were occupied with the fruit that he had given them not five minutes earlier) and his wand, and he was content with the procrastination he was giving his paperwork.

That was, until the ceiling above him gave a little warning ting. Toby sighed and put his wand down and took his sneakered feet off the desk just in time for a student to drop soundly into the chair in front of his desk.

Prepared to scold Dade Farnon for the umpteenth time about how he oughtn’t be trying to get into the girls’ dorms, Toby was instead surprised to see another student there. How odd.

“Well a good evening to you,” the Welsh man beamed. “Would you like a cup of tea?” Oh, right. This student had obviously been trying to get into the wrong dorms - and at bedtime as well! How scandalous. Clearly he ought to have a chat with Professor Blair about her lessons on the sorts of things boys and girls could get up to and the troubles they would face if they did. “Although I should warn you,” Toby wagged a finger as he summoned a tea set with a wave of his wand and a muttered incantation. He heated the water in the kettle with another flick of his wand. “It’s a very stern talking-to that follows the tea!”

    • It’s a surprise for me, too! - Dylan Xavier, Thu Feb 22 09:37
      Dylan was heading back to his dorm after a long day of classes. He just wanted to flop onto his bed for a little while and stare mindlessly at the ceiling. After a few minutes of resting his brain,... more
      • As long as we're on the same page, I suppose - Headmaster Toby, Fri Feb 23 06:20
        Truth be told, Toby wasn’t quite sure of the names of all the younger students. He was doing his best, but although RMI was a small school, the population was large enough for someone who didn’t... more
        • Excuse me while I rip this "page" in half - Ruben Lundqvist, Fri Feb 23 21:36
          Ruben had been minding his own business when he realized that his cigarette lighter was missing. Missing in this case really meant that his girlfriend had just stolen it... Well, it could have meant... more
          • Can someone read me in? - Connor Farnon, Wed Feb 28 11:07
            Connor knew he had to apologize to Claudia, but he had been putting it off on the basis that he didn’t know what to say. They were polite to each other in class - of course - but they hadn’t spent... more
            • I'm not sure there's room for storytime - Headmaster Morgan, Sun Mar 4 11:28
              It hadn’t been more than a moment when two more boys fell from the ceiling. Toby blinked in surprise. One was Buckley Bradford, an older student who had made himself known from the beginning of the... more
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