Dylan Xavier
Itís a surprise for me, too!
Thu Feb 22, 2018 09:37

Dylan was heading back to his dorm after a long day of classes. He just wanted to flop onto his bed for a little while and stare mindlessly at the ceiling. After a few minutes of resting his brain, he figured he would change into his pajamas and get a start on some homework, but he was basically planning to fall asleep in his books tonight. He had been up much too late last night finishing his Hardy Boys novel and now that lack of sleep was catching up to him.

As was his habit, because left and right were never his strong suit and while his feet could usually be trusted to pick the appropriate staircase, his brain often confused the matter if it tried to chime in, he checked the signs that had been put up at his request to make sure he was heading toward the correct one. One the first step though, he felt that odd sensation he had felt once before, over a year ago, only minutes before he had made that necessary request to have the boys and girls stairs labelled.

He dropped into the chair opposite the Headmaster, his heavy bag of book crashing into the ground next to him, and Dylan blinked at the man in startled confusion. Last time, he had landed in front of Counselor Tennant who didnít have quite as scary a title as Headmaster, but heíd missed the chair and crashlanded on the floor, so he wasnít quite sure which time was proving worse yet.

His confusion multiplied as he was offered tea, but then things settled back into some semblance of wizarding normal (ie madness, but routine madness) as he was warned a of a stern lecture to follow, which was at least more in line with what he expected when dropping out of the ceiling into the Headmasterís office.

Why he had done such a thing was a bit more baffling. ďOkay, thank you,Ē he said in response to the tea, because when a headmaster you were inexplicably in trouble with offered you tea, you drank tea.

ďI didnít,Ē he began, but then stopped, second guessing himself. Had he really checked the sign or was he just remembering that from the last time heíd taken the stairs? He wasnít sure anymore. ďI have trouble with left and right!Ē he exclaimed, because, obviously, if he was here, he hadnít checked the signs properly and had tried to take the wrong staircase. That was the only logical explanation for what had happened. ďIím sorry! I thought I checked the sign, but I guess I forgot. I just wanted to go to bed!Ē the twelve year old pleaded for understanding and mercy.

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    • Itís a surprise for me, too! - Dylan Xavier, Thu Feb 22 09:37
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