Headmaster Toby
As long as we're on the same page, I suppose
Fri Feb 23, 2018 06:20

Truth be told, Toby wasn’t quite sure of the names of all the younger students. He was doing his best, but although RMI was a small school, the population was large enough for someone who didn’t interact with each student on the day-to-day to struggle with names. The older students he was more familiar with, as he often insisted on having a chat with a prefect or two when he caught them in the hallways. Not for any sort of real reason, mind, but to make sure that things were running smooth as cocoa. Generally they were, which Toby was quite pleased about. He knew that, on occasion, a shift in Headmaster might upset the school body but everyone seemed to be right as rain. A little mischief here and there but Toby wouldn’t begrudge his students a good bit of occasional mischief.

This wasn’t occasional mischief, though, and Toby made an effort to frown in what he felt like was a mildly disproving manner as he poured the boy in front of him some tea. It was a nice, black tea that Toby liked to drink at all times of the day, even if the caffeine might put a little extra pep in his step before bedtime.

The boy who had landed so solidly in the chair in front of Toby’s desk went into what seemed like a very panicked explanation involving confusion between his left and his right and signs, which Toby found mildly perplexing. “Cream, sugar?” he asked gesturing to the appropriate containers in front of him. Once the tea was all ready for the boy in front of him, Toby handed it over.

“Now,” the Welshman said, settling back in his own chair, blue eyes focused on the first-or-second-year in a not-unkind way. “You’ve got trouble with your lefts and your rights, have you?” That seemed like an easy problem to solve, which mildly confused Toby. “I’ve got a quick trick that’ll fix you right up. Put out your hands so your thumbs are facing each other but the fingers are pointed right in front of you, like this,” Toby demonstrated. “Your left hand makes a little L with your finger and thumb, d’you see that? Easy as pie.” That should sort that out right straight.

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    • As long as we're on the same page, I suppose - Headmaster Toby, Fri Feb 23 06:20
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