Headmaster Tobias Morgan
On a hunt for a misceant [Myfanwy]
Fri Feb 23, 2018 06:30

Enjoying a good vegan meal now and again was something that Tobias Morgan would admit to cheerily. Not all his meals were vegan, of course, but the idea of a meatless Monday had really struck him as a fantastic idea and he did his best to make his Mondays as meatless as possible. When he remembered they were Mondays, of course. Days of the week were sometimes not Toby’s strong suit, particularly in busy weeks when the students were up to more shenanigans than not, or when he had more meetings than usual. Despite being the Headmaster of RMI, Toby still sat on a number of IWCE committees, which occupied much of his time. But being a good global citizen and all that, Toby knew it was his duty to keep soldiering on.

However, when he had walked into the Diner just the other day, Tobias had found something a bit disturbing. All of the food the house-elves usually worked so hard to put together had been replaced by what seemed like exclusively vegan meal options. That was just irresponsible, in Toby’s opinion. He had no idea if they had any food-restricted students, but he did know that not all students could eat soya or beans, and to force them into a diet that was incompatible with their health was just not something to be had. Toby had gone to the kitchens to see what was shaking with the house-elves, but they were just as confused as he was.

But a few days later, when the Board of Governers got back to him about his request for Myfanwy Owen to talk to them about her ideas for food at RMI, Toby had made the connection in his head. Tsk! Myfanwy was well-meaning, of course, but it seemed like the errors of the young had gotten a bit to her head. That was all right - Toby would sort the problem out. And he had called Myfanwy to his office right away.

“Do come in,” the Welshman called when the knock came at his door. Gwalchmai and Gwalchavad zipped into their fleece hideaway in their (open) cage as soon as they heard the noise, as usual. He beamed when Myfanwy entered, then was reminded that he was here to give her a talking-to and turned his smile into something that might have resembled a frown if you looked at it hard enough. “Do have a seat Ms. Owen,” Toby said. “Now, do you know why you’re here?” It was only correct for him to give her the opportunity to confess, after all.

    • Who, me? - Myfanwy Owen, Sat Feb 24 13:58
      Myfanwy had been summoned to the Headmaster’s office. She didn’t think that had ever happened before - she had totally been in the Headmaster’s office before, last year and this year, but she had... more
      • You, you, indeedy-do - Headmaster Toby, Sun Feb 25 18:25
        It seemed Myfanwy was confused, which immediately resulted in a lack of confidence on Toby’s part. Disciplining students had never been his strong suit, and when a student didn’t quite know why they... more
        • Who sir, me sir? No, not me, sir. - Myfanwy, Mon Feb 26 05:36
          It seemed she hadn’t been entirely incorrect in her original assumption, because Toby next told Myfanwy that the Board would be willing to hear her case. “Ohmygosh really?” she squeaked. It didn’t... more
          • If not you, then who? - Headmaster Toby, Fri Mar 9 06:29
            Oh no, now Myfanwy was disappointed - Toby could tell in her voice. The last thing the Headmaster wanted to do was disappoint his students. Especially as Myfanwy was such a bright young spark! It was ... more
            • Beats me - Myffi, Thu Mar 15 10:46
              It was a bit frustrating that Toby was continuing to blame Myffi - or if not her directly, some student associated with her - but it was also sort of exciting, because if he really hadn’t done it,... more
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