Ruben Lundqvist
Excuse me while I rip this "page" in half
Fri Feb 23, 2018 21:36

Ruben had been minding his own business when he realized that his cigarette lighter was missing. Missing in this case really meant that his girlfriend had just stolen it... Well, it could have meant actually missing, but Kaye had been stealing it off of him literally ever since they first met, so blaming her for his current lighter-less situation was very fair. Also very easy, which was about how she normally described her ability to steal it. Considering in this particular case, he had previously had the lighter in the back pocket of his jeans, and his jeans were skinny jeans of the ‘showing off every muscle down the legs’ variety, she really should not be calling it easy to steal. How had she gotten it away without him noticing? Kaye and her jävla luftiga ormhänder.

(He thought, affectionately. Both Kaye and her slithery hands were great. In more ways than one. (He thought, smugly.))

Anyways, Ruben had been minding his own business up until the moment he realized that the younger girl had gotten herself into his business. He had been considering going up to Pearl Street, and that was an ideal place to catch a quick smoke, which he had not done since way back in September, actually. Now was as good a time as any to pick it up again, just for a moment or five. The pack of Dödspinnar that Dagny had pawned off on him last year still had a few death-sticks left and was also, conveniently, still jammed in the inside pocket of his leather jacket. Inconveniently, his lighter was not where he had left it. The Swede was obviously more than capable of charming up a few sparks, but he far preferred the solidity of a lighter in his hand and was somewhat convinced that it made the smoke more enjoyable (plus, you know, the part where Muggles were usually suspicious of random sparks and Ruben didn’t fancy drawing the staff’s attention more than necessary since he wanted to just graduate and get out of this place, okej?). So he went back to Aquila. And then, even more inconveniently, the stairs decided to stop being stairs.

The landing was more jarring than he expected, although then again he had not exactly been expecting to land at all. Well-trained in martial arts and overall physically superior in every way to most everyone, he caught his balance in time to keep from falling over completely, although he still wound up in an unattractive crouch in front of the changed-but-familiar sight of the headmaster’s desk. This position was not ideal. “What the pineappleing he--” Ruben was cut off as a lopsided weight came crashing on top of him and, now off balance, he found himself awkwardly squished on the ground. Judging by the hat lying in front of his nose, the weight was none other than an idiot. “Shut up, you pineapple-head,” he grunted as Buckley’s gasping breaths turned into a pathetic, wordless whine. “Shut up and get up!” He punctuated this with a forcible heave, pushing himself up on one elbow and intentionally accidentally kneeing the younger boy hard in the abdomen to encourage some productive movement.

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    • Excuse me while I rip this "page" in half - Ruben Lundqvist, Fri Feb 23 21:36
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