Headmaster Toby
You, you, indeedy-do
Sun Feb 25, 2018 18:25

It seemed Myfanwy was confused, which immediately resulted in a lack of confidence on Toby’s part. Disciplining students had never been his strong suit, and when a student didn’t quite know why they were being disciplined - well now, Toby wasn’t good at that at all. Of course he had to tell Myfanwy that her overrunning the Diner with vegan food was inappropriate, and that just seemed so wrong to him. The girl had been doing it for the good of the planet, after all. It was hardly her fault that she lacked the sense that came with age, Toby couldn’t really hold that against her. Yet the fact remained that he must do something or it would be quite unfair to the other students. Oh goodness.

“Well yes, the Board has gotten back to me,” the Headmaster said, putting off telling Myfanwy the true reason for her summons a moment longer. “And they’d be delighted to hear your presentation at their next meeting. They’re quite skeptical but you’ll give them a good what-for and we’ll be swimming in organics in no time!” That was a very optimistic perspective of what the Board had said upon the suggestion that Myfanwy talk to them about more earth-friendly options to bring to RMI, but Toby was an optimist through-and-through. Chin up and a big smile and the world would be at your fingertips!

“But I’m afraid to say that’s not why I called you hear today,” Toby said after a moment, tapping his fingers against his desk somewhat uncomfortably. “Myfanwy, we do have to address the ah - vegan overthrow of the Diner that happened recently.” It had all been put to rights by the next day, but the interim had been a bit sticky. Toby had no idea how the girl had done it, really; the house-elves weren’t sure either. It had probably taken a positively epic amount of work and coordination, and normally that sort of innovation and go-getter mentality was something that Toby would applaud. It seemed a bit backwards and quite unsettling to be forced to punish it. “So what have you got to say for yourself?”

  • Who, me? - Myfanwy Owen, Sat Feb 24 13:58
    Myfanwy had been summoned to the Headmaster’s office. She didn’t think that had ever happened before - she had totally been in the Headmaster’s office before, last year and this year, but she had... more
    • You, you, indeedy-do - Headmaster Toby, Sun Feb 25 18:25
      • Who sir, me sir? No, not me, sir. - Myfanwy, Mon Feb 26 05:36
        It seemed she hadn’t been entirely incorrect in her original assumption, because Toby next told Myfanwy that the Board would be willing to hear her case. “Ohmygosh really?” she squeaked. It didn’t... more
        • If not you, then who? - Headmaster Toby, Fri Mar 9 06:29
          Oh no, now Myfanwy was disappointed - Toby could tell in her voice. The last thing the Headmaster wanted to do was disappoint his students. Especially as Myfanwy was such a bright young spark! It was ... more
          • Beats me - Myffi, Thu Mar 15 10:46
            It was a bit frustrating that Toby was continuing to blame Myffi - or if not her directly, some student associated with her - but it was also sort of exciting, because if he really hadn’t done it,... more
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