Who sir, me sir? No, not me, sir.
Mon Feb 26, 2018 05:36

It seemed she hadn’t been entirely incorrect in her original assumption, because Toby next told Myfanwy that the Board would be willing to hear her case. “Ohmygosh really?” she squeaked. It didn’t sound like they would be easy to convince, but Toby’s optimism was encouraging, and Myffi had lots of ideas to help convince the Board: she had already researched local, organic food producers that would be capable of supplying the school, she had researched that there were meal options for students who had medical dietary requirements, and religious dietary requirements, and so she felt strongly that her own morally founded restrictions should also be taken into consideration. Then there was the fact that she already subsidised her own meals, and she had taken proactive steps with forming AgriClub, and she had compromise plans too, including expansion of the school’s greenhouses to facilitate more of their own food production, and they could keep chickens. It would be very educational and therapeutic for the student as well as money saving for the school. She hadn’t yet sorted out the research studies and financial figures to support these last arguments, but she would hopefully have time to get everything ready before going to the Governors.

“But I’m afraid to say that’s not why I called you hear today,” the Headmaster then said, and this time Myffi knew she wasn’t imagining it: those were the words of someone who is disappointed, for some reason or other. Myfanwy really hoped she hadn’t disappointed Toby; he was her favourite member of the faculty. She waited with her eyebrows creased into the slightest frown as he explained that… oh wait, the vegan thing? In the Diner? Her eyebrows creased further as her frown deepened with confusion. “So what have you got to say for yourself?”

“What?” Myffi asked, wondering for a moment whether this wasn’t some sort of prank. Although probably Headmasters of schools didn’t bring students into their office to prank them. Wait did he really think that had been her? “It wasn’t me,” Myffi said, sounding as baffled as she felt. “I thought it was you,” she said, looking across the desk at the Welshman, still half-believing he was about to laughing and take ownership after all. “I don’t even see how I could do it,” she said, outlining a little of what she had explained to Bryn at the time… he’d thought she had been responsible for the unorthodox meal, too. “Where would I get all that food? How would I convince the House elves to serve something different?” she asked rhetorically, her voice higher than usual to express the ridiculousness of the situation. “I totally thought it was your way of showing the student body that there was more to meal times than just whatever food lands in their laps, and they can totally protect the planet while enjoying a great meal.” She frowned again. “So it really wasn’t you?” The sixth year was disappointed; she’d been so excited to have someone else fighting for her ideals.

  • You, you, indeedy-do - Headmaster Toby, Sun Feb 25 18:25
    It seemed Myfanwy was confused, which immediately resulted in a lack of confidence on Toby’s part. Disciplining students had never been his strong suit, and when a student didn’t quite know why they... more
    • Who sir, me sir? No, not me, sir. - Myfanwy, Mon Feb 26 05:36
      • If not you, then who? - Headmaster Toby, Fri Mar 9 06:29
        Oh no, now Myfanwy was disappointed - Toby could tell in her voice. The last thing the Headmaster wanted to do was disappoint his students. Especially as Myfanwy was such a bright young spark! It was ... more
        • Beats me - Myffi, Thu Mar 15 10:46
          It was a bit frustrating that Toby was continuing to blame Myffi - or if not her directly, some student associated with her - but it was also sort of exciting, because if he really hadn’t done it,... more
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