Connor Farnon
Can someone read me in?
Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:07

Connor knew he had to apologize to Claudia, but he had been putting it off on the basis that he didnít know what to say. They were polite to each other in class - of course - but they hadnít spent near as much time together this term as they had last. That was somewhat to be expected, as they no longer had an exclusive arrangement with each other, but was still saddening. Aside from Claudia, Connor had very few people to talk to at RMI. He was friends with Nolan now, which was nice, but Nolan seemed to be a very...earthy...person, which Connor was not. AgriClub was something Connor mostly did now because he felt like it was expected of him; he certainly did not enjoy getting dirty and touching plants. It was actually pretty terrible, but Connor didnít want to ruffle feathers by complaining.

It seemed like everyone had mostly gotten over the events of the last term, aside from more or less shunning Connor. He still spent a lot of time hiding in his room, though, because he didnít want anything else to go spectacularly wrong, which was why as soon as he entered the Cetus commonroom he beelined for the boysí staircase.

Dade and Drew were standing on the staircase talking for some reason, and Connor muttered a brief ďexcuse meĒ at Drew as he brushed past the younger student. His cheeks were a little pink, which tended to happen when he had to interact with Drew. Fortunately that wasnít often (it seemed like they were mutually avoiding each other) but it did happen sometimes and Connor always felt embarrassed.

It was only a couple of steps up that all of a sudden the ground felt unstable - like gelatin - and without further ado the stairs opened up and Connor tumbled down, landing firmly on something that made a yelping noise and fell to the ground.

Once the fourth-year had gotten his bearings, he realized that he was in Headmaster Morganís office. But he wasnít alone. He had landed on - one of the new students, Buckley something. Connor stood and apologized, offering a hand up, but Buckley simply glared at him and retrieved a hat before standing. Before Connor could register who else was in the office, someone else came tumbling out of the ceiling. She fortunately landed next to Connor and Buckley rather than on top of them, and after a minute Connor realized it was Alice Lemont. The other people in the office were Huburt, Ruben Lundqvist, and one of the first years that Connor didnít remember speaking to before. The first year got a chair, Connor noticed with mild annoyance. Everyone else was kind of standing awkwardly around. The office was very full.

There was something wrong, but Connor had no idea what. So he decided to keep his mouth shut and let everyone else figure it out.

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    • Can someone read me in? - Connor Farnon, Wed Feb 28 11:07
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