Cuddles and awwwwww
Fri Jan 13, 2017 09:30

Garen kissed Aaron’s cheek, which made him blush a little like it always did when Garen did anything in public. Although nobody was around at the moment, since the door was open Aaron did count it as public. In general, he was very uncomfortable with public displays of affection, but at the moment he was too busy with a fluffy bundle of cat in his arms to mind that much.

Cat. There was a cat.

After Godric had died, Aaron had decided he was never going to have another pet. Godric had been with him for about twenty years, which was long, even for a cat. There was an ongoing theory that being around magic made some animals live longer. The dark-haired Italian would not be surprised if that were true. His frogs had been with him longer than Godric had, although they spent an awful lot of time as pink bubbles which seemed to increase their lifespan. They were still as, well, frog-like as when he’d got them despite most frogs living fifteen years or less.

But cat.

He petted the tabby’s head. She didn’t purr but she also didn’t try to impale him or jump away, so Aaron figured she didn’t object too much. As Aaron continued to pet the cat, he ran through potential names in his head. Godric had been named after Godric Gryffindor because it had just seemed appropriate for reasons Aaron had never really understood. The cat’s tail moved back and forth. Aaron started scratching her behind the ears, and the tabby lifted her paw and put it on his hand as though to say ‘stop it’. He laughed. She was so adorable.

“Pouncey is good,” Aaron confirmed. He should probably put the cat down, but she wasn’t squirming yet so he didn’t. “I think her name is Circe,” he added. It seemed like it fit with the silver tabby. He petted the cat again and her tail whisked back and forth faster as she readjusted himself so she was lying on top of his arm instead of against his chest.

  • Awwwwww and cuddles - Garen, Wed Jan 11 14:26
    At Aaron’s reaction to the kitten, Garen’s smile widened. Despite Aaron’s post-Godric claims that he was never going to have another pet again, Garen had been certain the only cure for how much Aaron ... more
    • Cuddles and awwwwww - Aaron, Fri Jan 13 09:30
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