Headmaster Morgan
I'm not sure there's room for storytime
Sun Mar 4, 2018 11:28

It hadn’t been more than a moment when two more boys fell from the ceiling. Toby blinked in surprise. One was Buckley Bradford, an older student who had made himself known from the beginning of the term. He liked to go on about Muggle literature, which was a topic Toby didn’t know much about, but now he did know that Buckley was inspired by Jack Keruac, and that he was writing a novel himself. Toby was delighted that his students were spending their time on artistic endeavors, although he was not entirely sure what Buckley was writing about. It seemed as though the other students were not quite fans of Buckley, which became evident when the other boy who had fallen out of the ceiling - Ruben, Toby was fairly certain - kneed him on the way up. Toby winced in sympathy and was about to tell Ruben off for untoward violence when another student came out of the ceiling.

Younger and Asian - but Toby couldn’t put a name to the face.

“Hello,” he began, mild confusion present both on his face and in his voice. “Shall I, er, get you some seats?” Was there some massive prank going on with the students? Toby didn’t mind a good prank now and then but this was a bit much. And the students currently in his office seemed not to be in on the prank - annoyance and confusion was apparent on some of their faces. Without waiting for a response, Toby conjured chairs for the three newcomers. Hm. His office was getting rather crowded. “Do everyone take a seat. Now, can any of you explain to me - “

A girl in embroidered school robes came tumbling out of the ceiling with a squeak. Alice, Toby was pretty sure her name was; the robes were beautiful and quite memorable. “Welcome, Alice,” Toby said kindly, conjuring another chair for her. “Would anyone like a cup of tea?” He wasn’t sure of the logistics of providing tea for the five students in his office, but Toby was flustered and when flustered he often offered tea. But it hadn’t been more than a moment since he offered the tea when Connor Farnon tumbled out of the ceiling with a yelp and landed on the floor.

“Headmaster,” Buckley said, “I believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with the staircases. I most certainly was not attempting to go up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory and it is unlikely that more than one of us,” he looked pointedly over his tortoiseshell glasses at Ruben, “was in that attempt. I suggest we move forward by examining the staircases immediately.”

Toby blinked and conjured another chair for Connor Farnon.

“Do sit, sit, everyone,” Toby made a motion with his hands encouraging everyone to sit down. “There seems to be a bit of a bother with the staircases, I see. Has anyone done anything out of the ordinary with them today?” He would get to the bottom of this, or his name was not Tobias Morgan!

Posting order: Dylan, Ruben, Connor, Toby

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    • I'm not sure there's room for storytime - Headmaster Morgan, Sun Mar 4 11:28
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