Headmaster Toby
If not you, then who?
Fri Mar 9, 2018 06:29

Oh no, now Myfanwy was disappointed - Toby could tell in her voice. The last thing the Headmaster wanted to do was disappoint his students. Especially as Myfanwy was such a bright young spark! It was his job to encourage that sort of thing, he was certain. But beyond the disappointment - she was denying that she had been behind the vegan meal. That seemed a bit nonsensical. It had to have been Myfanwy, unless there was a secret vegan hiding amongst the students, waiting to be found out by a clever interrogation. Toby wasn’t very good at interrogation, though, as was evidenced by the current scene. What to do?

“It’s quite all right, Myfanwy,” the Welshman scrambled, looking for something to say that might quell her disappointment. “It was a delightful idea, to be sure. Perhaps there is another student who might feel as strongly as you do about the issue?” Toby doubted it; even though Myfanwy was denying her involvement, the sixth sense he had so finely developed as an administrator for years and years was tingling. It had to have been her, or some associate of hers. “Perhaps an associate of yours?” Toby voiced his last thought. He ought to be paying more attention to Agricultural Club - the culprit must be a member there. He couldn’t have his students going rogue with courgettes and carrots, now could he?

But it was clear that Myfanwy had taken the vegan meal as a demonstration of his support for her efforts, and Toby just couldn’t stand to see his students feel unsupported. Even if their ideas were difficult to institute without the support of RMI’s Governing Board, there was perhaps something he could do. “Perhaps it was a show of support for your proposal,” Toby suggested further, a brilliant idea coming to mind. “And if there is truly a group of students hiding in the shadows wanting their vegan brekkie, I am certainly no-one to stop them! What would you think about having a Meatless Monday here at RMI?” There they went. That was a perfectly reasonable request Tobias Morgan could make to the house-elves without upsetting anyone substantial. With the right recipes, nobody would even notice the difference!

  • Who sir, me sir? No, not me, sir. - Myfanwy, Mon Feb 26 05:36
    It seemed she hadn’t been entirely incorrect in her original assumption, because Toby next told Myfanwy that the Board would be willing to hear her case. “Ohmygosh really?” she squeaked. It didn’t... more
    • If not you, then who? - Headmaster Toby, Fri Mar 9 06:29
      • Beats me - Myffi, Thu Mar 15 10:46
        It was a bit frustrating that Toby was continuing to blame Myffi - or if not her directly, some student associated with her - but it was also sort of exciting, because if he really hadn’t done it,... more
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