Headmaster Tobias Morgan
Summoning this week's troublemakers [Maverick & Holland]
Fri Mar 9, 2018 06:43

It was clear what was happening, Tobias Morgan was certain. The students of RMI were testing him! Not that Toby minded a few good-natured pranks here or there, but the pranks the students were playing were causing quite a riot and Toby just couldn’t have that. He’d seen it before - a Headmaster would leave and Toby would take his place, and the students would rebel out of affection for their previous administrator. Toby could appreciate a good, strong sense of loyalty, but when it came down to disrupting the entire school, he knew he had to put his foot down. It was rather unfortunate that he was in the position to have to do that, because putting his foot down was not something he was good at - as evidenced by his treatment of Myfanwy just a few weeks earlier.

With a heavy sigh, Toby had sent out the notes to the students he knew were responsible, summoning them to his office.

There were many things Tobias did not understand about teenagers and the older he got the more of them there were. Things he didn’t understand, not teenagers. The number of teenagers seemed to have stayed relatively stable, or well - the number of teenagers in the schools he worked with had, anyway. Perhaps there were gangs of rogue teens wandering about outside of magical boarding schools; Toby wouldn’t have known the difference. He hoped not, though. That sounded rather dangerous.

Holland and Maverick were two students that Toby did not understand. He didn’t hold it against them, of course, because it was his job as Headmaster to treat his students equally. But he did not understand them, so he did not understand why they had chosen to make such a statement as they had. It was beyond him how the two students had managed to switch the staircases between the boys’ and girls’ dorms, but it had caused quite the stir! The students had been forced to sleep in the common area overnight, because even Aaron McKindy had been stumped by the conundrum at hand. Fortunately the stairs had reverted by the next morning. It had taken Toby several days to figure out who was responsible, before being reminded in passing of the two students who slept in the dormitories they chose, and who could go up both staircases (something that confused Tobias Morgan to no end). It had to have been Holland and Maverick. Of course, Toby didn’t want to offend them, but it was necessary to discuss the issue before they chose to do something similarly disruptive.

“Come in, come in,” Toby called when the knock came at the door. The students came in together, which he was rather pleased about because it would have been awkward to hold off the conversation until the second one arrived. He hadn’t had much experience speaking to either Maverick or Holland, and he didn’t want to offend, which he felt he was much more likely to do in conversation than in disciplinary conversation. “Now Maverick, Holland,” the man did his best to look stern, an expression that did not fit well on his typically jolly features. “We’re here to discuss the prank you pulled several days ago. What have you got to say for yourselves?”

    • Not exactly Bonnie and/or Clyde - Holland Keene, Fri Mar 9 08:45
      The staircases had been fixed after only one day, which was good for order in Lyra and a bit disappointing for fun things. Once the Lyras had collectively figured out that the staircases were broken, ... more
      • I'm more of a Jesse James - Maverick Buchannan, Fri Mar 9 11:45
        Maverick Buchannan was no stranger to headmasters’s offices. He'd been called down plenty of times in the past, although admittedly being summoned to this particular headmaster’s office was a first.... more
        • Well I'm the sheriff in this town - Headmaster Toby, Sun Mar 18 21:24
          The resolve that Toby had been intending to put towards disciplining Holland and Maverick had fizzled into confusion as quickly as Holland had started talking. He wasn’t enough hip to the youths to... more
          • Can we talk to the deputy? - Holland, Tue Mar 20 13:09
            “ Let’s not get hasty, ” Toby said with what appeared to be some alarm. Holland felt pleased. It had been a while since they’d called someone out for cissexism, which was good, on the level of them... more
            • He didn’t do it. Two things were immediately clear, based on the responses of the other occupants of the room. One, Holland was vastly more intelligent than the Headmaster. And two, Holland was an... more
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