Holland Keene
Not exactly Bonnie and/or Clyde
Fri Mar 9, 2018 08:45

The staircases had been fixed after only one day, which was good for order in Lyra and a bit disappointing for fun things. Once the Lyras had collectively figured out that the staircases were broken, not switched, Head Student Holland (and Danny and Emmett, who as Prefects were like their deputies) had organized a temporary rooming chart. Some of the students had slept in the Common Room or the practice rooms, with Holland fetching overnight things from their dorms. Myffi and Marley had actually left the Common Room; given the overall level of chaos from all of the stairs being switched, Holland doubted that the curfew was being strictly enforced, so they didn’t think the two girls would be caught. Some students had volunteered their rooms for their differently-gendered Housemates to use, which was nice of them, and some had taken advantage of the offer.

Holland had gotten to stay in their own room, because the staircases didn’t affect them. And they had also taken advantage of the situation to have Danny and Emmett spend the night in their room, because it was literally the only time they would have a chance to host a sleepover in Lyra. Normally the three friends had sleepovers in Danny’s room, because it was neater than Emmett’s and the boys couldn’t access Holland’s dorm. The trio hadn’t had a sleepover since Holland and Danny had started dating. Emmett had threatened to leave “if this gets weird,” but Holland and Danny had kept it PG and he hadn’t had to follow through. It had been nice letting their friends see the place where Holland lived, especially considering that they’d spent so much time hanging out in the Danny and Emmett’s rooms over the years.

Now the stairs were back to functioning normally for everyone. Really, it was only a matter of time before the new headmaster called them and Maverick into his office. Myffi had mentioned that Headmaster Morgan had accused her of organizing the vegan meal a few weeks ago, and given that Holland and Maverick were the only students who weren’t inconvenienced by the reversal of staircases, it seemed like a safe assumption that they would be blamed for this. As soon as they confirmed that Maverick had received a summons as well, Holland had been sure what this was about.

The seventh-years arrived at Toby’s office together. “This is some cisgender nonsense, right?” Holland said before entering the room. They walked briskly into the office, took a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk, and waited.

As the Headmaster began to speak, Holland cut their blue-green eyes at Maverick. I was right, that look said. This is some classic cisgender nonsense. In fact, one could make the argument that Holland and Maverick were being discriminated against, because the administration had no evidence that they were the ones who had done anything to the stairs; this was completely based on gender. The more Holland thought about it, the more they decided that they probably would make that argument.

“I am flattered that you think I’m good enough at Spellwork to trick the building, Toby,” Holland said, when Toby had posed his question. It felt like a power play to use the headmaster’s first name, but he had told the students that they should, so Holland didn’t feel it was too impertinent. If Professor McKindy—literally the person who had taught Holland most of their spellwork—had been unable to figure out why the stairs had switched, it couldn’t have been them. They were good, but not that good. “But I didn’t. You can check my wand if you’d like.” A priori incantatem would reveal mostly shrinking spells, finites, and summoning spells, which they had used to get things for students who had been locked out of their rooms. “If I wanted everyone to know what dysphoria felt like, I’d have them all polyjuice into someone with different anatomy, not get misgendered by a staircase.”

Holland was confident in their belief that Maverick had as much to do with the stairs as they did, so they included him in their argument. “Besides, how would we have changed the staircases in Aquila and Draco?” Rose or Marissa might let them into the Aquila Commons if they asked, but Holland didn’t have friends in Draco who might sneak them in. In fact, now that they thought about it, Holland wasn’t entirely sure where the Draco Common Room was. Somewhere near the administrative quarters, maybe? “Unless you have some actual proof that we were involved, I think you’re only singling us out because we’re gender-non-conforming,” Holland said evenly.

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