Maverick Buchannan
I'm more of a Jesse James
Fri Mar 9, 2018 11:45

Maverick Buchannan was no stranger to headmasters’s offices. He'd been called down plenty of times in the past, although admittedly being summoned to this particular headmaster’s office was a first. He'd managed to keep a pretty low profile at RMI as far as discipline figures could be concerned. Until now, that was.

The Cetus sighed and sauntered on his way, prepared to contact his parents with the news of yet another expulsion. Then again, Ruben had literally stabbed that pretty boy - who was apparently now dating Holland; Mave always knew there was no way that kid was straight - so maybe RMI didn't do expulsions. That was probably a dumb move.

To his surprise, he met up with Holland and found them headed in the same direction. “Probably,” he commented flatly. Cisgendered nonsense was a great title for what was definitely going on here. And also a great band name. A moment later, the usually enthusiastic headmaster let them in, seeming still inexplicably enthusiastic but decidedly less so than normal. If that was his disciplining face and tone, he was going to have to do better to make Mave budge an inch.

In proper Holland fashion, Holland immediately had about a dozen logical arguments against either of them doing the stairs thing. Mave rolled his eyes, but smiled a little. When they finished their defense, though, Maverick took his turn to speak. “Look,” he addressed the headmaster, “Holland’s head student. Nobody in this room really thinks they had anything to do with it. So why don't you quit wasting their time and just say what you want to say.” He leaned back cockily in his seat. “Ask me how I did it.”

  • Not exactly Bonnie and/or Clyde - Holland Keene, Fri Mar 9 08:45
    The staircases had been fixed after only one day, which was good for order in Lyra and a bit disappointing for fun things. Once the Lyras had collectively figured out that the staircases were broken, ... more
    • I'm more of a Jesse James - Maverick Buchannan, Fri Mar 9 11:45
      • Well I'm the sheriff in this town - Headmaster Toby, Sun Mar 18 21:24
        The resolve that Toby had been intending to put towards disciplining Holland and Maverick had fizzled into confusion as quickly as Holland had started talking. He wasn’t enough hip to the youths to... more
        • Can we talk to the deputy? - Holland, Tue Mar 20 13:09
          “ Let’s not get hasty, ” Toby said with what appeared to be some alarm. Holland felt pleased. It had been a while since they’d called someone out for cissexism, which was good, on the level of them... more
          • He didn’t do it. Two things were immediately clear, based on the responses of the other occupants of the room. One, Holland was vastly more intelligent than the Headmaster. And two, Holland was an... more
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