Rose Farnon
It's an emergency [Mr. Tennant]
Sat Mar 17, 2018 14:39

It was the first day of December and Rose had rushed to the owlry at least three times before lunch, but there had been nothing for her. After uncharacteristically picking at her food for the span of time that was usually allocated for lunch, Rose compulsively went to check the owrly again. Just in case. And there was an owl there with a fancy looking envelope with her name on it and all of a sudden Rose couldnít breathe right.

Harvard was the school that Rose had wanted to go to ever since she had really figured out what university was. She had applied non-binding Early Decision - by filling out her application early, she was promised a response by the beginning of December. It was now the beginning of December. It was her response. Half of her wanted to tear the envelope open and read it immediately and the other half of her was suddenly too anxious to do that. What if she didnít get it? There were other schools she applied to, there were other schools she could probably get into. But if she didnít get into Harvard - Rose wasnít sure what she would do.

Before she could think about it too hard, Rose ripped open the envelope and took out the parchment within. Her hands were shaking a little bit and she held her breath as she looked for the only important words on the page.


There were tears in Roseís eyes all of a sudden and her breathing had picked up in pace. The owlry seemed to have turned a different color and her vision was closing in. She closed her eyes and tried to take a deep breath. It was fine. It was going to be fine. Deferral just meant that she would get an answer later. She still had a chance. It would be fine. And that line of thought let her shove the letter in her bag and leave the owlry and walk down the hallway, although she was headed in no particular direction, and then all of a sudden she was in front of Mr. Tennantís door and her forced composure broke down a little bit and Rose found herself opening the door without knocking and entering the office without paying attention to who was maybe there and then a lot of words fell out of her mouth.

ďI didnít get into Harvard and I donít know what to do and maybe my application is absolutely awful and Iím not going to get in anywhere and Iíll have to go live with my family and then Iíll have to do uni in England and Marissa wonít be there and I donít know maybe I should apply to some bad schools with Marissa too, maybe I can get into those, I donít know what to do Mr. Tennant.Ē

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