Headmaster Toby
Well I'm the sheriff in this town
Sun Mar 18, 2018 21:24

The resolve that Toby had been intending to put towards disciplining Holland and Maverick had fizzled into confusion as quickly as Holland had started talking. He wasn’t enough hip to the youths to understanding quite what they were on about. The bit about testing their wand was fair enough, although Toby supposed there were probably other ways of switching the staircases that didn’t involve wands. A naughty house-elf or even a chat with the staircases themselves might do the trick. Magical schools could be very odd, and many had minds of their own. The other things Holland was saying though, about misgendering and dysphoria, were things that Tobias Morgan had absolutely no idea how to address because he had absolutely no idea what they were. He hadn’t gotten into it with Garen about the specifics of the special conditions of the students in front of him, had merely taken it at the counselor’s word that the accommodations were necessary.

“Let’s not get hasty,” the man said, putting both hands up as if to physically stop the onslaught of words he didn’t understand that had somehow turned into an accusation of something he didn’t understand coming from Holland. The Head Student did have a way with words. What a shining star! Concerns about their judgment aside, Toby could tell that Holland was going far. It was just his job to make sure they made it there in tip-top shape, and that meant no more pulling pranks on the school!

But before Toby could step any further into the territory of defending himself (how had this turned into him defending himself?) against Holland’s accusations, Maverick spoke up. And Maverick’s words indicated that Toby had been on the right trail all along. Perhaps he had been a touch overzealous in trying to speak to Holland as well; their position as Head Student should have been an indicator that they had more sense than that.

“Well then Maverick,” the Headmaster said, lacing his fingers together and placing his hands in front of him on the desk, leaning forward on his elbows, “how did you do it? And why?” Toby briefly considered adding a comment about Maverick being a good chap who hadn’t meant any harm, but then decided against it as the word ‘chap’ might be taken as offense. It seemed like these two students could be prickly as pears! Goodness gracious, what a start to his return to RMI!

  • I'm more of a Jesse James - Maverick Buchannan, Fri Mar 9 11:45
    Maverick Buchannan was no stranger to headmasters’s offices. He'd been called down plenty of times in the past, although admittedly being summoned to this particular headmaster’s office was a first.... more
    • Well I'm the sheriff in this town - Headmaster Toby, Sun Mar 18 21:24
      • Can we talk to the deputy? - Holland, Tue Mar 20 13:09
        “ Let’s not get hasty, ” Toby said with what appeared to be some alarm. Holland felt pleased. It had been a while since they’d called someone out for cissexism, which was good, on the level of them... more
        • He didn’t do it. Two things were immediately clear, based on the responses of the other occupants of the room. One, Holland was vastly more intelligent than the Headmaster. And two, Holland was an... more
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