Can we talk to the deputy?
Tue Mar 20, 2018 13:09

Let’s not get hasty,” Toby said with what appeared to be some alarm. Holland felt pleased. It had been a while since they’d called someone out for cissexism, which was good, on the level of them not interacting with ignorant people, but Holland couldn’t deny enjoying an opportunity to debate. (This wasn’t really a debate, because Holland was right, but the principle was the same.) Toby summoning Holland and Maverick for the staircase shenanigans, without any evidence that they had been involved, was blatant profiling.

Now that Holland considered it, maybe this was intentional. The vegan meal in the Finer Diner had practically been designed to implicate Myffi. Was someone trying to frame Maverick and Holland by pulling a prank that looked like something they might do? Why? The only common factor Holland could think of was that all three of them were taking Magical Sciences, but so were fourteen other students. Who would want to get them, specifically, in trouble? Holland considered the population of RMI. If it was two years ago they might suspect Lucien Dubois—he wasn’t the pranking sort, but on the other hand, the stairs had been a large part of the fallout from their argument. Although if Lucien had had this level of magical ability (Holland didn’t think that was the case), it seemed more likely that he would’ve enchanted the staircases to not let Holland into either dorm.

Of course, there was currently another Dubois at RMI who currently disliked them about as much as Lucien had. But if Lucien wasn’t the pranking type, Claudia definitely wasn’t the revenge-seeking sort. She had just been avoiding Danny and Holland since mid-October. It probably wasn’t sustainable for Claudia to ignore her brother’s existence in the long-term, but she’d rebuffed his attempts to approach her. Holland was respectfully steering clear of the younger girl; having a disagreement with her probably wouldn’t help at this point.

Ask me how I did it.” Holland looked at Maverick, not quite managing to hide their surprise. But the initial shock quickly wore off into suspicion as Holland’s mind attacked it from several different angles. Most glaringly was Maverick’s inability to access all four Common Rooms. He wasn’t exactly a social butterfly, and Holland doubted he could’ve convinced other students to let him into their Common Room. There still remained the question of how the stairs could have been changed at all, or how Maverick could have done this without being noticed. If someone had specifically reported Maverick, then Holland wouldn’t have been called in too, so it wasn’t that. Also, they couldn’t help but think that Maverick would have told them if he was planning something like this.

The more likely thing was that Maverick was bluffing to make a point to Toby. Their expression changed to one that said I don’t believe that for a second, and they mouthed “Bull,” at Maverick. But okay, solidarity and all that. They leaned back in their chair, matching Maverick’s pose, resumed a challenging expression, and crossed one ankle over the other knee. If Maverick needed a lawyer, he had one.

  • Well I'm the sheriff in this town - Headmaster Toby, Sun Mar 18 21:24
    The resolve that Toby had been intending to put towards disciplining Holland and Maverick had fizzled into confusion as quickly as Holland had started talking. He wasn’t enough hip to the youths to... more
    • Can we talk to the deputy? - Holland, Tue Mar 20 13:09
      • He didn’t do it. Two things were immediately clear, based on the responses of the other occupants of the room. One, Holland was vastly more intelligent than the Headmaster. And two, Holland was an... more
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