Counselor Garen Tennant
One crisis counselor, coming up
Thu Mar 22, 2018 00:11

Following Francine Holtz’s graduation, there was no one in school who just burst into Garen Tennant’s office any more. Every now and then Addi would just Arrive (always a capital A, with Addi) with a small crisis, almost invariably flinging the door open on her entrance. Everyone else he could mostly rely on to knock first, which was why Garen was a bit startled when Rose Farnon rushed into his office and poured out a one-sentence monologue.

What? Rose had perfect grades, a variety of extracurriculars, an off-campus job, and stellar recommendations. Being an international student didn’t hurt. Garen had read Rose’s essays and suggested some edits, but she was a good writer without his help. Over the years RMI had had a few graduating seventh-years had applied to Ivy League schools—all of the old American colleges had wizarding programs—with varying levels of success. Rose had one of the most impressive applications he had seen, but Garen had nevertheless tried to prepare her for the possibility that Harvard wouldn’t work out. It was still an absurdly selective college, so he had encouraged her to apply to some schools with higher admissions rates. Just in case.

He had really wanted her to get into her top choice, though. Ally Ruisi’s daughter.

“Okay,” Garen said in his most reassuring voice. “Come sit down.” He conjured a glass of water and put it within reach of her, with the hopes that drinking would at the very least help Rose get back to a normal breathing pattern. There was a tissue box beside it, in case she needed that, too. “I’m sorry,” he began. “I know how disappointed you must be.” He let her sit with that for a moment. He knew enough about his granddaughter’s best friend to know this was an end-of-the-world scenario for her, but something like one out of twenty students applying to Harvard got in. Her not getting into Harvard had always been a possibility.

“There’s nothing wrong with your application. Harvard just has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the country. They turn down brilliant, qualified applicants. It’s going to be okay,” he continued, and didn’t give her time to argue that it wouldn’t be. “You have one of the best applications I’ve ever proofread. I’m sure you’re going to get into a great university. In the States,” he specified, because that was important to her. Garen didn’t lie to students. If she hadn’t had a good chance at getting into the schools she wanted to apply to, he would have been frank with her, steered her more firmly toward schools that were realistic options. Rose’s transcript, resume, and essays were fantastic, though. Harvard, Yale, Duke—they might all be reaches, but she had the wingspan.

That said… “If you want something to do next, it might not be a bad idea to apply to a safety school,” Garen allowed, because he had tried to encourage Rose to apply to non-Ivies before. She had chosen Amherst and Duke as her less-selective options, which had not been what he had in mind. The counselor wouldn’t call the schools Marissa was applying to “bad.” They were just… not as elite. “There are plenty of great spell development professors at colleges that have higher acceptance rates. It might help to think about who you want to work with instead of just where you want to go. A school’s name isn’t the only thing that matters in the long run. But you are really smart, and determined, and we are going to figure something out, all right?”

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