Professor Aaron McKindy
Let's have an academic chat [Tag: Francine Holtz]
Wed Jan 18, 2017 08:44

Aaron McKindy should have been grading the essays that his seventh years had just turned in about the exceptions to Gamp’s Law, but he was instead petting his cat, who had decided to sit on top of the pile of essays. Circe’s tail switched back and forth and she purred, butting her head against his hand as he petted her, as though to ask for even more attention. She was shedding a little bit and every so often Aaron had to shake silver-gray fur off his hand before continuing to pet the cat. Aaron liked having a cat. He had missed Godric - he still missed Godric - but Garen’s idea to get him a new pet had been the right one. And the kids loved Circe, of course. She was still a pouncey cat (and part kneazle, Aaron was pretty sure) but much more inherently cuddly than Godric had been. She also liked toys-on-a-stick more than ankles, which everyone appreciated.

What he was actually doing was waiting for one of his students to come to his office. There were several students who had indicated interest in studying to be an Animagus - Rose Farnon was the latest - and today Francine Holtz was supposed to come in for her first meeting with him. The way Aaron worked with his Animagus students was largely one-on-one tutoring, with the occasional group workshop in the practical lab. As such, none of his students were at the point where they needed mandrake leaves, and Aaron was relatively certain it would be awhile before they were. Then he’d need to talk to Rey about organizing an outing so the students could collect their dew.

Since the opening feast, Aaron had been less frightened of the Headmaster. Although he was still - in Aaron’s eyes - formidable, they had also had a decent conversation about theoretical charms and Legilimency at the feast, two of Aaron’s major interests. Aaron was currently working on some experimental charms and was considering getting Rey’s thoughts on one of them.

A knock came at the door and Aaron sat up and straightened his t-shirt - one of his favorites, crimson with a silver dragon charmed to slither all over it - and shooed the cat off the essays. He then placed the essays in one of his desk drawers and opened the door with a flick of his wand.

“Good morning Francine!” he said, indicating for her to sit down in the blue chair on the other side of his desk. “How are you doing?”

    • Ooh yes, let's! - Francine Holtz, Wed Jan 18 22:37
      Francine was a morning person. She liked to be up and about, and many mornings before class she would scamper down to Pearl Street so she could watch the sunrise. It was pretty, the streets were... more
      • Let's all go to the mo~vies, let's all go to the mo~vies - Professor McKindy, Fri Jan 20 04:41
        When Francine walked into his office, Aaron took quick notice of the blue and purple outfit, include mismatched matching sneakers. He smiled. Francine was certainly - well, eccentric wouldn’t be a... more
        • Despite how amusing and adorable she found the quiet frog chorus behind him to be, Francine did her best to listen to Professor McKindy as he talked. She was very glad to hear his morning was good,... more
          • In that case, I'll imitate a three-toed sloth - Professor McKindy, Sun Jan 22 21:44
            When Francine referenced a Patronus as a comparison point for Animagus work, Aaron smiled a little ironically. He actually had never managed a full corporeal Patronus, for whatever reason. He was an... more
            • Huh, I thought you were a collie? - Francine, Mon Jan 23 22:06
              Francine was glad Professor McKindy seemed pleased with her little demonstration, or at least, he definitely wasn’t angry. It occurred to her after the fact that maybe she shouldn’t perform magic on... more
              • I can still impersonate whatever I want! - Professor McKindy, Wed Feb 1 17:44
                Nonverbal charms were probably the place to start, and Aaron nodded when Francine suggested that. Transfigurations were often more difficult for students for some reason, although for him it had been ... more
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