Teamwork makes the dream work
Sat Oct 21, 2017 21:56

Rose answered Holland’s question with a question. Fortunately, it was quite easy to distract Holland Keene with interesting, semi-academic questions. “Depending on the spell, an area of effect would accomplish the same thing,” Holland answered, frowning in thought. “Like, instead of the spell being on someone who comes up to it, it could just affect anyone within range. But if you want it to be actually placed on a target, you should do an enchantment with a trigger, not a continuous spell. And the trigger could be coming within a certain range of the rune, or looking at it, or stepping on it.” Although they weren’t sure how one would indicate that using runes.

Contemplating their own project, Holland drew the runic J, jera, on their paper. It meant “year,” literally, but it was also associated with harvest, and that seemed appropriate for what Holland wanted their rune carving to do: make the plants grow until they were ready to be harvested. Jera should be the largest rune on their carving.

What else? Sowilo for sun and laguz for water might be useful, because plants needed those for growth. But those were less important than jera, so they could carve them smaller—or maybe inside the lines of the first rune? Holland redrew jera in block form and filled in the space with alternating sowilos and laguzes. Growth to harvest, powered by water and sunlight. Almost as an afterthought, they added ansuz, for prosperity, at the four endpoints of jera’s two bent lines.

When given the choice, Holland used Elder Futhark runes. Their main reason was because the Germanic runes were much easier to draw; Holland wasn’t particularly artistically gifted when it came to drawing, and the other ancient languages that the class focused on involved intricately detailed glyphs. Holland also felt like they didn’t have a right to use non-European scripts for their own spellwork. Translation was one thing, but using them in actual magic was different. Ethnically, Holland was a Caucasian mutt. Bryony was Scottish and French and a lot more Western Europe, and Monty was Scottish and German and a little more Eastern Europe, with some definite Croatian mixed in there somehow (Keene family lore varied about how, depending on who you asked). So Elder Futhark runes were the most appropriate ones that they studied at RMI, although Holland had also written a paper and done a practical demonstration on the use of ogham in runework. (The answer was yes, you could use ogham, but the results usually ended up… interesting. Like a very literal genie granting a wish. You had to be ridiculously specific to get what you wanted.)

How to do the boundary? Othalan could mean property, so if they conceptualized the area of effect for the spell as the walls of a house… that might work. Actually, that might work for Rose’s thing, too. “Oh, if you want it to be directional, you could have the runes associated with the spell itself in the center of a circle made of boundary runes. Then leave a gap in the circle in the direction you want the spell to take hold.” They drew a circle of othalans around their jera, leaving a gap to demonstrate what they meant to Rose. “Would that work?” Holland’s current concern was how to indicate the distance they wanted before the boundary. The pentimal system, maybe?

  • Go team! - Rose, Tue Oct 17 12:12
    It was Holland, thankfully. “I haven’t decided yet,” Rose admitted, closing the book and then opening it again at another random page. Shield charms. Uninspired - that’s what they’d been talking... more
    • Teamwork makes the dream work - Holland, Sat Oct 21 21:56
      • Living the dream - Rose, Fri Nov 3 10:05
        If there was one thing about Holland Keene, Rose thought, it was that it was very easy to distract them with a question. In general, Holland seemed like the kind of person who thought a lot. Not... more
        • This is the life - Holland, Fri Nov 3 22:43
          Rose cited having brothers as the reason for wanting a muffling charm on her door. “Wouldn’t know,” Holland said, gesturing at themself. In general, they liked being an only child. It would change... more
          • Life is for the living - Rose, Sat Nov 4 16:03
            In general, Rose was used to spending a lot of time being right. Some things came very naturally to her and some things she spent a lot of time learning, but in general, Rose tended to be right an... more
            • L’Chaim - Holland, Tue Nov 7 20:46
              Rose could be abrupt, especially if she got distracted by schoolwork—Holland was fairly certain Rose was the smartest of their friend group, at least in terms of academics (she scored lower on... more
              • Ul'shalom - Rose, Sat Nov 11 12:38
                Rose made a face at her paper when Holland described Dade as conservative. She thought that was unfair. Connor was definitely conservative (she was 99% sure he disapproved of Dade’s friend Remington... more
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