I'm a bit crazy, yes
Sun Oct 29, 2017 23:51

A what a rude little pussball.

The blonde quickly retracted her foot as the WHOLE LOT of weight of Ruben ďaccidentallyĒ came crushing down her foot. What was his problem? Apparently his lack of humor or even his lack of real manners. Was Ruben raised in a barn? Camilla growled silently massaging her offended foot and slowly got up from the floor. She shot daggers at Rubenís back and quickly and silently reversed the FAILED vanishing spell the Swede had attempted. The seventh-year sat back on it, grabbed her pen, made some more notes to her runes and spells. She was sure she would get the highest mark possible in this class. She loved it. It was challenging and had the ability of relaxing her. Well, until today. She had been very good in pretending Ruben and Rose didn't take the class, but she wasn't perfect. Camilla had failed today.

The Cetus loved this class, and her her need to slap Ruben to Australia and back was an urge she suppressed with every single cell of her will power. The eighteen-year old took a deep breath trying to calm the fit of anger and laughter that was threatening to bubble its way out of her body. The situation had been hilarious, but deep down she knew that Ruben wouldn't take it well enough to laugh it out. The Swede had no sense of humor and he had shown that more than once. She didn't know why he had to take life so damn seriously. Maybe he needed to get laid more often? Ugh the idea of that made Camillaís stomach protest in disgust. Who would want to do that with Ruben more than once? She could understand the first time, if you went for the looks, but his personality was horrible. She wondered if Ruben was able to live with himself. He probably did, he was too vain.

Camilla chuckled to herself as she finished her notes. The Cetus wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she sort of enjoyed annoying the crap out of Ruben. It was satisfying seeing his anger flare up, even when she knew from first hand experience that he was a extremely dangerous to play with.

The Cetus scribbled a note

Professor Wilson, I need to head to the library to do some research on the runes I chose.

Thank you,

Camilla Baird

closed her notebook, and began grabbing her things. Camilla carefully set everything inside her backpack. She stretched before placing it on her shoulder. She ignored Rubenís general direction and made her way to the exit, not before setting her note on Professorís Wilson desk and smiling at her. She got a nod of approval from her and Camilla finally looked at where Ruben was sitting.

The blonde carefully flicked her hand and non-verbally vanished Rubenís chair. She laughed silently, ďAnd that's how you do it, Ruben,Ē Camilla said loud enough for him to hear before leaving the classroom. She knew she was going to pay for this, but she was ready. Or at least confident enough.

  • Maybe you're delusional! - Ruben, Thu Oct 26 15:42
    Okay, so he hadnít managed to Vanish her whole chair. That was annoying. Especially because Camilla was laughing at him and for that she absolutely deserved to be taken down a peg (or chair).... more
    • I'm a bit crazy, yes - Camilla, Sun Oct 29 23:51
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