This is the life
Fri Nov 3, 2017 22:43

Rose cited having brothers as the reason for wanting a muffling charm on her door. “Wouldn’t know,” Holland said, gesturing at themself. In general, they liked being an only child. It would change their relationship with their parents if there were siblings in the mix. Holland was close with Monty and Bryony Keene—as much as possible with living away from home three-quarters of the year, anyway. They helped Bryony with Spell, Look, and Candle and watched documentaries with Monty when they were home for the holidays. It’d be different if Holland had a sibling. One who was home more, or less complicated, or…

Holland pulled the emergency brake on that train of thought. It didn’t matter because they didn’t have siblings, and if they did, there would probably be redeeming factors. Holland could remember being jealous of friends with close siblings in elementary school, because they always had someone at home to play with.

Having Danny and Emmett was sort of like having brothers. Maybe better, because they weren’t at home with the Keenes during the rest of the year. From what Rose had implied, having brothers around at home was not fun.

For what it was worth, Holland thought they wouldn’t mind having a brother like Dade. Even if he did sneak into their closet and try on their clothes. Although, Holland thought, if Dade was their sibling, he would probably have a better understanding of the gender spectrum and presentation by now, so he might not feel like he had to sneak. “How’s Dade?” they added, with what they hoped was an appropriate level of interest. They’d told Rose that they’d talked to Dade, sparing the details of how the conversation had gone. For now, they were giving Rose’s brother a wide berth, but they did worry about him.

Isa seemed like a better idea for a spell that froze something, like an Impediment Jinx or a body-bind. But on the other hand, it had a dual meaning and could represent dullness or blindness, which could signify a dulling of the senses. That might work for making sure eavesdroppers didn’t hear anything. “That sounds good for your spell in general, but I’m not sure it would work as a trigger.” The thing with imbuing runes with spells was that you didn’t have to have a perfect translation. Intent was everything. “What about algiz, for protection? It’s like a shield, so it could represent protecting your information like a force field.”

That didn’t cover the distance component that Rose seemed to want, though. Holland flipped through their textbook. “I was thinking about using the pentimal system to indicate how far I want the spell to extend. That might work for yours. Although, you said radiating, like you want the spell’s effects to intensify the closer someone gets to the source?” Holland wasn’t sure how to represent that in runes. “Maybe a hearth rune right at the center, so the spell knows where it should be most concentrated? And then it would extend outward.” That might not work, but combining magic with Ancient Runes involved a lot of trial and error.

  • Living the dream - Rose, Fri Nov 3 10:05
    If there was one thing about Holland Keene, Rose thought, it was that it was very easy to distract them with a question. In general, Holland seemed like the kind of person who thought a lot. Not... more
    • This is the life - Holland, Fri Nov 3 22:43
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        In general, Rose was used to spending a lot of time being right. Some things came very naturally to her and some things she spent a lot of time learning, but in general, Rose tended to be right an... more
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          Rose could be abrupt, especially if she got distracted by schoolwork—Holland was fairly certain Rose was the smartest of their friend group, at least in terms of academics (she scored lower on... more
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            Rose made a face at her paper when Holland described Dade as conservative. She thought that was unfair. Connor was definitely conservative (she was 99% sure he disapproved of Dade’s friend Remington... more
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