Professor Aaron McKindy
Practical Magic [Spellwork one-on-one; Sorsha]
Sun Mar 5, 2017 10:06

It was now February and Aaron was married again and he was entirely over the moon about that, if he was being honest with himself. Although he and Garen had been back together for a long time - and even though Aaron had been helping with the kids for just as long, Madeleine’s entire life - somehow being married again made everything feel a lot more solid. Aaron was more grounded now, less anxious about his relationship with his husband coming apart again. Technically that made no sense, since they had been married when Aaron massively screwed up the last time, but he was pretty sure that he was much more in control of his life than he had been back then. He suspected that Madeleine and Drew had a lot to do with that.

They had decided to wait until the summer to have a party about getting married, which gave Aaron plenty of time to figure out the details of what he planned to contribute to decorating. He didn’t have very many people to invite himself - he had lost contact with most of his friends over the years, and the one person he had remained in contact with, Sadi, had died - well, quite awhile ago at this point, actually. He did plan to invite her daughter, Jera, who was good friends with Jessie. Or, insofar as Jessie had good friends. Aaron was pretty sure that his daughter had inherited his inclination to eschew human company, although where Aaron had often replaced people with cats, Jessie had chosen larger, scalier companions.

Since Aaron and Garen had gotten remarried, though, Jessie had been staying in closer contact than usual. She wanted to know all about how party planning was going, how the kids were, how he and Garen were. And it wasn’t unusual for Jessie to care, but it was a little bizarre for his daughter to be so, well, invested in something that didn’t breathe fire. It was working out to his advantage, though, because one of his two seventh year students, Sorsha, wanted to be a magizoobotanist when she entered the workforce. Aaron liked to tailor his upper year lessons to student interest, and he did not know a single thing about magizoobotany if he was being honest with himself. Fortunately, despite having dropped out of Hogwarts in her seventh year and failing out of at least two magical colleges, Jessie did. It was her brain Aaron picked for lesson material.

Today he was meeting Sorsha in the lecture hall. It seemed perhaps a little excessive for a one-on-one lesson, but Aaron felt his office was a little too small and flammable for most lessons. He supposed the theater might have been an option, but he didn’t want to find out what would happen if he set Garen’s theater alight.

As usual, Aaron was early for the lesson, but he entertained himself by petting Circe, who had decided to come along. The silver tabby usually decided to accompany Aaron whenever he was wandering around the school, making her a common resident of the library, as well as the classrooms. Occasionally, particularly when his younger years were doing something a little more dangerous, he left the cat in their apartment but she was very rarely happy with that arrangement. Circe was not the kind of cat who could be placated with simple toys, further reinforcing Aaron’s theory that she was part kneazle.

Once Sorsha arrived, Aaron grinned and greeted her. “How are you doing today?” the Italian asked as Circe walked over to sniff Sorsha’s shoes.

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