Professor Aaron McKindy
Lighting the way [Spellwork, Yrs 1-3]
Fri Jan 19, 2018 09:31

It was the day after the Opening Feast and first thing in the morning, which was always an exciting time for Aaron McKindy to be teaching. He was the introduction to actual magic for the Muggleborn students, and the introduction to RMI for his magical students - it reassured him that they would all get off to a good start.

As a general rule, Aaron was an amiable person. He was usually well-liked by his students, which probably had something to do with his tendency to not assign much homework and his hesitance when it came to disciplinary action. It would also be fair to say that students usually liked him because he was invested in their success - he even did individual Spellwork lessons for his seventh years, in order to help them focus on what would help them the most during their final year, even though this year there were six or seven of them. Aaron also taught Animagus lessons, which was uncommon at magical schools outside of Africa, although his Animagus form was not something that he was willing to admit to easily.

Today they would be in the lecture hall, although Aaron typically taught in the practical lab. He had arrived early with a stack of books, for no apparent reason. The compilation of The Standard Book of Spells for years 1-3 was in the stack, but there was no real need for it today, since Aaron was going to be giving the students a very basic introduction to Spellwork. Something fun and not too difficult - there was no reason for him to stress students out on their first day back!

Consequently, Aaron had hidden small, charmed packets with magical sweets in them throughout the lecture hall. They were under seats, on the walls, and there was even one stuck to the blackboard. They were charme to be Undetectable by touch or sight; the only instance in which they would be visible was when the light from a wand shone on them.

The students began filtering in to the lecture hall, and Aaron realized suddenly that he was glad Drew and Connor were no longer in the same class. Of the two of them, Aaron had been much more pragmatic in his response to the incident than Garen, who had freaked out about the entire thing (Aaron had to calm him down, which was not how their relationship dynamic usually worked) and given Drew a lecture about hitting people. Aaron had quietly taken his stepson aside and started teaching him magical self-defense. Drew was very level-headed as a rule, but if they were in the same class and Connor’s backpack happened to accidentally catch on fire and Drew happened to be nearby, Aaron couldn’t honestly say that he would be able to deal with the situation in an unbiased manner.

One of the new Ceti came up to him to say hello before veering off to take a seat, and Aaron smiled. The kids in his House were mostly good ones.
“Good morning,” Aaron said cheerily, once it looked like most (if not all) of his students had taken their seats. Or for some definition of the phrase - Kit was currently draped over the back of her seat, either talking to someone or picking something up off the floor, he wasn’t certain. Regardless, they were going to move forward and pretend Kit was being attentive. She would probably mentally join them at some point.

“My name is Professor McKindy and I’m the Spellwork professor here at RMI. I know some of you already know me as the Cetus Head of House as well, and I also teach Animagus lessons to the upper years. You have to be a fifth year to start Animagus lessons,” he added, pre-empting the questions he knew he would get otherwise, “but when you’re old enough if you’re still interested, you’ll be able to start studying that in addition to your other courses, if you want.

“Here at RMI, we combine Charms and Transfigurations because they are naturally complementary,” Aaron had taught at schools that did not do that, and he’d always found it a bit tricky to navigate the boundary between the two. “So it makes sense to teach them together. Charms essentially manipulate energy, making something happen or giving something the ability to make something happen. For example, there are several charms that you can use to lock a door or a trunk, or even a diary. Transfigurations are spells that turn objects into other objects; they manipulate matter. Both things are very important to all witches and wizards, even if they do not pursue a magical career.

“Today, we’re going to be having a very basic introduction to charms with a simple spell that helps your wand cast light. Like most charms, the strength of the light is going to depend on how strong your magical ability is and how good you are at casting it, so first years with very little experience with magic may struggle a little more than a third year who spends quite a bit of time working with charms. Consequently, I would appreciate it if the second and third years could partner with a first year to help them out.” Immediately after saying that, Aaron realized that Kit was, in all technicality, a second year. Well. There wasn’t a perfect ratio of second and third years to first years, so he wasn’t going to be upset if people chose to disregard his suggestion.

“All you need to do in order to cast this spell is to pull out your wand,” Aaron picked his up from the ledge in front of the blackboard he was leaning backward on to, seemingly unaware of the chalkdust he was getting on the back of his forest-green shirt, “focus on the very end of it and say Lumos,” a bright, focused ball of light emanated from the tip of Aaron’s wand. “And then in order to put it back out, just say Nox.” the light disappeared.

“Now how about you all take a moment to partner up,” Aaron waited until it looked like everyone had a partner. “I’m going to put out the lights in this room in a minute. At that time, your job becomes very simple: I have hidden small packets around the room with little surprises in them. It’s your job to find those packets, but they’re only visible under the light of your wand. Your wand light won’t be able to shine very far - even mine only lets me see about a meter in front of me - so make sure you look carefully!” he looked around. “If you need me, give me a shout. All right. Ready? Set? Go!”
In a blink, the lights in the room went out. Slowly, the room became filled with murmurs and, one by one, wands began to light up. Aaron grinned to himself, pleased that the first class of the new school year was off to such a good start.

Hello and welcome to the first class of T27!

For those of you new here, classes are how you earn House points. The more well-written and entertaining your posts are, the more points you earn for that character’s House. Bonus points if you make me laugh!

Remember that your characters have been asked to work in pairs. It’s not required that older and younger students pair up, but it would be nice! Feel free to determine where Aaron has placed the packets and what’s in them, but he hasn’t done anything ridiculously unfair, like putting one where an average-sized student can’t reach it. If your characters need teacher intervention at any point in the thread, just put [Tag: Professor McKindy] in the title and Aaron will pop up!

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        • Yeah, just dont stick it on me. - Leon, Fri Jan 19 22:53
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              • That may be logistically challenging - Kit, Wed Jan 24 19:18
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                  • Now that was uncalled for - Kit, Fri Jan 26 06:02
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                    • I, however, was called for - Professor Aaron McKindy, Fri Jan 26 06:33
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                      • Yes, sir, I need some help. - Leon, Tue Feb 6 21:28
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                        • Yes, yes you do - Kit, Wed Feb 7 14:49
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      • I'm whatever the opposite of that is - Dade Farnon, Fri Jan 19 16:44
        Overall, summer had been calm. For Dade. By which he meant that he had stayed the pineapple out of the way when it came to his sister because she seemed hell-bent on making what he assumed would be... more
        • So bored you need a nap? - Keith, Sat Jan 20 10:12
          Keith was surprised when the older boy he had spoken to had an accent. If the shows didn’t fail him, it sounded English. Dad had mentioned RMI was an international school and that Keith shouldn’t be... more
          • Naptime sounds great - Dade, Fri Jan 26 09:33
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            • Naptime is always great. - Keith, Wed Jan 31 20:56
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