Dade Farnon
I'm whatever the opposite of that is
Fri Jan 19, 2018 16:44

Overall, summer had been calm. For Dade. By which he meant that he had stayed the pineapple out of the way when it came to his sister because she seemed hell-bent on making what he assumed would be her last summer at home as outrageous as possible. It had started with her presumably making good on her threat to make Connor miserable following his fight with Drew (Connor didn’t admit to anything happening even when Dade started talking to him again in July, but there were a few days early on in break where he’d spent a suspicious amount of time coughing up what appeared to be chicken feathers). It had continued with the thing about her boyfriend. And it had continued further with the thing about her going to uni. When the summer hadn’t been about Rose, it had been about Connor finally going to his first adult party where he had apparently met a girl with whom he had begun corresponding, much to their father’s approval.

So Dade had been able to quietly slip into his corner of the universe, unnoticed and unscathed.

Unnoticed by his family, anyway. When it came to his friends, they had all apparently missed him. Remington had written him semi-regularly and Kit had written him sporadically, which was fine because Dade could never tell what she was saying between the spelling problems and the handwriting. Madeleine had written him too, often in coloured pencil, and sometimes with an addendum saying that Drew said hi. Dade felt kind of guilty being friends with Drew and also talking to Connor, but there was pretty much nobody else to talk to during the holidays and at least Connor would play chess with him sometimes.

Now they were back to their first day of classes and it was Spellwork first thing, which suited Dade just fine. It was the first year he was going to be without his brother in class, which he anticipated being a delightful change of pace particularly given that everyone hated Connor now. There were first years and transfers that theoretically didn’t, but Dade wouldn’t be surprised if they had heard something about it by the end of the week. Unless Connor was getting lucky and avoiding resuming his position as social pariah. Of course, Dade wasn’t going to be the one to tell them; he wouldn’t blame Drew or Remington, but once people knew what Connor had done it wouldn’t take them too long to think that since he was Dade’s brother they had things in common, and Dade didn’t want people thinking of him like that.

Dade got up early and went to breakfast where he had more than enough food in delightful solitude. He didn’t have to worry about avoiding being seen in public with Connor now because Connor didn’t have to get up as early as Dade, with the class schedule he was taking this term. It was a nice change of pace. As Dade swung his blue backpack up over his shoulder and strode out of the Finer Diner on his way to class, he felt oddly lighthearted.

Once at class, he nodded at Drew and Kit before carefully counting three rows back and sliding into a seat next to a first-year. Since Dade had grown over the summer - he needed new pants, his khakis were currently resting above his ankles - the first-years seemed oddly small to him. The growth spurt hadn’t helped how awkward he felt with his body, and now sitting next to a first-year Dade was very aware of those differences. He scowled to himself, then focused on what Professor McKindy had begun saying. All was well and good until the professor decided to direct them to find partners and of course, the first-year on his left wasted absolutely no time trying to co-opt Dade into being his.

“Suuure,” the English boy responded, drawing the word out for longer than it strictly needed to be. “I’m Dade.” The kid’s name was Keith, which wasn’t a name that Dade immediately felt inclined to judge him on, so that was something. There was a pause in the conversation as Professor McKindy finished their instructions and then all of a sudden the room was pitch-black. Dade blinked his eyes hard, trying to get them to adjust faster.

“Do you want to try the spell first, or should I?” he asked, in the general direction of where he thought his partner was.

  • Too excited to sleep! - Keith Allen, Fri Jan 19 10:20
    Keith had hardly slept the night before. The feast had been incredible, and while the person he had spent the whole feast talking to was much older, Keith thought he had found at least an ally in the ... more
    • I'm whatever the opposite of that is - Dade Farnon, Fri Jan 19 16:44
      • So bored you need a nap? - Keith, Sat Jan 20 10:12
        Keith was surprised when the older boy he had spoken to had an accent. If the shows didn’t fail him, it sounded English. Dad had mentioned RMI was an international school and that Keith shouldn’t be... more
        • Naptime sounds great - Dade, Fri Jan 26 09:33
          Weirdly, Dade had actually kind of taken to teaching people magic. A lot of what he and Remington and Kit did was research new spells and then try them on each other. What had started out as mostly... more
          • Naptime is always great. - Keith, Wed Jan 31 20:56
            Keith watched as Dade made the spell look easy. Keith was just a bit jealous. At his old school, he had been top of his class in almost everything. The eleven-year-old wouldn’t admit it out loud, but ... more
            • Everyone should have naptime - Dade, Sat Feb 3 12:54
              So the kid was a halfblood, but his parents had inexplicably raised him like a Muggle. Dade didn’t get it. Like fine, not everyone could have magic parents and that wasn’t their fault but when one... more
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