Yeah, just dont stick it on me.
Fri Jan 19, 2018 22:53

Leon smiled in relief as the girl came to him, “yeah, sure!” The boys eyes widened a little in fear as he saw the tarantula on the girls shoulder. “T… that thing i...is your friend?”

Leon would never admit it but he had a very slight… okay maybe not so slight fear of spiders. He could deal… a few deep breaths and count backwards from 10 in his head. “O...Kay… okay. Sorry, minor panic attack… sorry.” Leon shifted his weight and moved to the other side of the girl where he couldn't totally see tarantula. “I am Leon, it's nice to meet you and… uh… Darby too.” He didn't realize that pets could be brought into class. Let alone that this girl would approach someone with it on her shoulder, like doesn't she know that people have a very healthy fear of spiders.

After another ten count the boy said, “I think I might be able to pass this with you!” Leon said that with a very polite smile and a practiced calm in is voice. He grabbed his wand tight and the lights went out.

A few voices said the spell, maybe his partner he didn't know he was too in his head, what was the spell. Even though people said it outloud he still proceeded with “Luminous!” nothing happened.

“Kit…” he whispered in ernest, “Kit what am I doing wrong?” He knew he didn't have to whisper but it felt weird to talk normal in darkness.

  • Stick with me, kid - Katherine Kendrick, Fri Jan 19 14:47
    Grandpa Aaron was amazing. He was Aunt Jessie’s dad and Drew’s stepdad and he had frogs and things and did the best spells. He was also the Spellwork professor, because in addition to being all of... more
    • Yeah, just dont stick it on me. - Leon, Fri Jan 19 22:53
      • How about sticking with you? - Kit, Mon Jan 22 12:56
        The first-year called Darby a thing and Kit narrowed green eyes at him. Was he also racist against tarantulas? Or no, what was the word Drew had said to use. Specist . It meant racist against... more
        • If you don't mind picking me up. - Leon, Wed Jan 24 11:32
          The young boy stifled a squeak when the girl illuminated the spider on her shoulder. “Alright, why don't you start looking for those boxes. I don't know why I thought I had this in the bag.” The boy... more
          • That may be logistically challenging - Kit, Wed Jan 24 19:18
            Kit didn’t know how to feel about Leon because he seemed to be kind of...helpless. She had never been a big sister so she’d never had to deal with this sort of thing before. Drew was her age and... more
            • Leon took a few deep breaths then wiped his tears on his sleeve and fumbled for his wand in the darkness. “Listen, sorry it’s just my first day away from home and… I’m not used to facing these things ... more
              • Now that was uncalled for - Kit, Fri Jan 26 06:02
                Sometimes Kit was a very patient person. She was good at arts and crafts, like making costumes and things. She was going to help with costumes for the school musical this year, and she made cosplay... more
                • I, however, was called for - Professor Aaron McKindy, Fri Jan 26 06:33
                  It wasn’t as though Aaron McKindy was unused to general chaos erupting in his classes. He had been teaching long enough that the had taught the parents of some of the kids in his classes, and he had... more
                  • Yes, sir, I need some help. - Leon, Tue Feb 6 21:28
                    Leon took the seat next to his Head of House. The boy's eyes still puffy and red, though he has seemed to stop crying for now. He took a loud exacerbated breath, then decided to speak. “Okay, I guess ... more
                    • Yes, yes you do - Kit, Wed Feb 7 14:49
                      Before coming to RMI, Kit had thought that she liked people a lot because she got along with everyone. The other kids in her class at Rock Creek Elementary weren’t all her best and closest friends... more
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