So bored you need a nap?
Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:12

Keith was surprised when the older boy he had spoken to had an accent. If the shows didn’t fail him, it sounded English. Dad had mentioned RMI was an international school and that Keith shouldn’t be surprised that kids from other nations were sent here. What surprised Keith the most was how many others were from out the country so far. It appeared that RMI was smaller but way more worldly than his old school in Scottsdale.

The older boy introduced himself as Dade and Keith filed it away in unique names he’s heard at RMI. Brynjolf was winning with the most novel by far, but Dade was still new to the first year. He listened to the rest of the Professor’s instructions and then the room was suddenly pitch-black. Keith didn’t want to admit it, but he was just a bit scared of the dark especially in a new place where he wasn’t close friends with anyone.

Keith was focusing on not freaking out when his partner asked if he wanted to try the spell out first. The blonde cleared his throat and nodded, not that Dade could see that, at him. “I’ll try,” he said hoping it wouldn’t go horribly wrong.

Keith fumbled for his wand and grabbed it. It felt off, but he couldn’t tell. “Lumos!” he said staring at what he thought was the end of his wand. Where Keith thought the tip should be didn’t light up. No, where his hand was holding the wand did for a split second before blinking back out. Oh great, he was holding his wand wrong.

“Well, I guess I should leave the first tries to older students,” Keith said with a small laugh, hoping Dade hadn’t seen his mess up. After all, Keith was smart just not here in the magical world. The Draco quickly flipped his wand around correctly. “Bit worried now, I thought magic would be easy.”

  • I'm whatever the opposite of that is - Dade Farnon, Fri Jan 19 16:44
    Overall, summer had been calm. For Dade. By which he meant that he had stayed the pineapple out of the way when it came to his sister because she seemed hell-bent on making what he assumed would be... more
    • So bored you need a nap? - Keith, Sat Jan 20 10:12
      • Naptime sounds great - Dade, Fri Jan 26 09:33
        Weirdly, Dade had actually kind of taken to teaching people magic. A lot of what he and Remington and Kit did was research new spells and then try them on each other. What had started out as mostly... more
        • Naptime is always great. - Keith, Wed Jan 31 20:56
          Keith watched as Dade made the spell look easy. Keith was just a bit jealous. At his old school, he had been top of his class in almost everything. The eleven-year-old wouldn’t admit it out loud, but ... more
          • Everyone should have naptime - Dade, Sat Feb 3 12:54
            So the kid was a halfblood, but his parents had inexplicably raised him like a Muggle. Dade didn’t get it. Like fine, not everyone could have magic parents and that wasn’t their fault but when one... more
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