Magdalena Adler
And it's like the fog has lifted
Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:03

Alena had spent the last portion of her summer in Ireland visiting Benjamin, although Alena had always found Benjamin’s wife a little scary she’d had a lovely time. Benjamin hadn’t made her got to fancy dinners and hang around his spouse, like Charline did when she visited the Yorks. Alena supposed that was because Benjamin seemed to like spending time with Alena, but Charline just wanted her little sister out of the way.

Alena hadn’t seen much of Charline at all over the summer, she was always saying she was ‘too busy’ to visit. Alena wasn’t sure what she could be busy with. It wasn’t like her sister had a job or children or anything proper adults had to deal with. When Charline said she was busy, Alena suspected she was just away squandering money on another shopping trip. Charline was always disappearing on long shopping trips. Not that she ever brought Alena anything back. However Benjamin had given her an owl. Her last owl had belonged to her sister but when Charline moved out she hadn’t taken it with her so Papa had given it to Alena. Alena had thought Eule was sweet, if a little clumsy but he’d been old and eventually passed away in May. Chérie, was Alena’s first owl that had belonged entirely to her and was a marked difference from poor old Eule. She was much more lively and if Alena was honest she was looking forward to being able to send and receive post at a much faster and more reliable speed. She hadn’t wasted much time in giving Chérie a job, having sent letters off to Benjamin and Papa before class. Alena never looked forward to the first lesson of the year. Once the excitement of the feast subsided, Alena always set to fretting about the year ahead. It was no surprise then that she woke early with her stomach in knots. She went about getting ready on tiptoes, taking tiny breaths as she applied a light layer of makeup and fixed her hair into two springy pigtails.

If Alena’s early starts, and restless sleeping bothered Sara, she had never said. But Alena still felt like she was imposing on the other girl. Despite, the years she’d spent at RMI Alena had never gotten used to sharing a room. It didn’t feel like her space, no matter how many cat posters she’d stuck on the wall. So as not to bother Sara, and give herself something to do that didn’t involve going over last nights conversations in her head, she’d taken a walk around the Quidditch pitch before class which had mostly helped to calm her never nerves. Alena still wouldn’t say she was excited about Spellwork (it continued to be her worst class) but she felt as though she might be able to survive it with herself-esteem intact. It helped to know that the first lesson was never too taxing, and being a third year now she was quietly confident in her skill when it came to these smaller tasks.

As usual Alena hesitated too long when it came to picking partners so she was left scanning the room for another lone figure and quickly caught Drew’s eye. She didn't know Drew very well but he was friends with Darlene, so Alena was pretty sure he was really nice. Although Alena had heard he’d beat some boy up last year but she wasn’t sure she believed it. After all everyone still seemed to like Drew a lot and you didn’t just keep hanging around with people who beat people up. She didn’t want to seem too nosy, but Alena was tempted to ask him about it. But she really didn't know him well...and no one liked a gossip. So instead she just responded to his greeting with a quiter, “Hello” of her own. She whipped her wand out of her backpack and then, because she was trying to be a better conversationalist (papa said all the best women could hold a conversation so she ought to work on it) she added, “Did you have a pleasant summer holiday?”

“Have you ever done this spell before?”

Alena smiled. Drew was probably aware of her poor spellwork, she’d heard he was related to the professor somehow, but for once Alena wasn’t embarrassed. “OK, I’ll try first,” she said with uncharacteristic confidence. But all of a sudden the room went black, and the nerves were back. She let out a little gasp. Not that she liked to admit it but Alena was a little scared of the dark. She was afraid of a lot of things really, but she was mostly afraid of the unknown and that was what the dark was all about. Steadying her breathe she forced herself to remain relatively calm, eventually and with some determination she uttered the spell, her face finally exposed by light. Squinting, she called out, “Drew?”

  • At last I see the light - Andrew Tennant, Sat Jan 20 09:56
    Drew and Remington had owled back and forth over the summer. Remington said that her dad made her take a self-defense class with him over the summer, and Drew had told her about the defensive spells... more
    • And it's like the fog has lifted - Magdalena Adler, Tue Jan 23 12:03
      • And it’s like the sky is new - Drew, Tue Jan 23 23:36
        Drew was pretty sure that Alena was one of Darlene’s friends. At least, they both always looked like they were on their way to a nice tea party or something. Drew was pretty sure that other girls... more
        • And it's warm and real and bright - Alena, Mon Jan 29 16:18
          Once she spotted Drew’s face the fluttering in Alena’s chest died down. He seemed unperturbed by the plunge into darkness which she found reassuring.She was suddenly very glad she’d fallen into a... more
          • And the world has somehow shifted - Drew, Sat Feb 3 16:49
            Alena was whispering, so Drew had to lean in a little closer to hear her. He didn’t know why they were whispering (it wasn’t like they were in the dark because they were hiding from something) but he ... more
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