And it’s like the sky is new
Tue Jan 23, 2018 23:36

Drew was pretty sure that Alena was one of Darlene’s friends. At least, they both always looked like they were on their way to a nice tea party or something. Drew was pretty sure that other girls couldn’t pull that off. Like Kit couldn’t wear a fancy dress or skirt because it’d get in the way of all her adventuring. Darlene and Alena weren’t really the kind of girls who went adventuring, though.

He couldn’t remember if Alena was good at Spellwork, but she decided to go ahead and try to do the spell, and she sounded like she knew what she was doing. Drew knew more about magic than most of his classmates—like, the theory and stuff—because of Aaron, but obviously the older students were going to have more experience with actually using it, and Alena was a third year. And since lumos was a first-year spell he probably should have expected that she would know how to cast it.

Alena asked about his summer, which was really nice of her, but before they had the chance to have an actual conversation, the lights went off. He heard her gasp a little, and there was some general muttering from other students. Drew didn’t really react—Aaron had warned them that he was going to turn off the lights, so why be surprised?—but Alena seemed startled. He was gonna reach out to touch her on the arm to make sure she was okay, only then he thought about that and decided it’d probably startle her more, so Drew didn’t do anything just yet.

He heard her say the spell and then the tip of her wand lit up. Yup, she knew what she was doing after all. “Yeah, I’m here,” Drew said from near Alena. He focused on the tip of his wand (or where he thought it was—it was hard in the dark, but Drew was really familiar with using his own wand and he knew where the end would be) and said, “Lumos.” A cloud of light appeared, bright enough that Drew could see his wand and hand and a little bit of his forearm. He was pretty sure that his face was lit up too, like when they made blanket forts and took turns telling spooky stories. Madeleine didn’t have her own wand yet, so she had to use a flashlight, but everyone else used their wands to make their faces look all shadowy and creepy in the blanket fort.

Alena’s face was lit by her wand, so Drew moved a little closer. He didn’t think his light was bright enough to illuminate things on the ground, but maybe with both of theirs together it would be enough. “C’mon, let’s go this way,” he said, pointing toward the front of the room with his wand. Other people probably wouldn’t go there right away, so their chances of finding things was better. “I had a good summer, thanks for asking,” he said, now that they weren’t distracted by lights going out. “Me and Dad went to a bunch of concerts in Boulder, and a couple days of the Colorado Music Festival. And Professor McKindy taught me some really cool spells.” By now Drew was pretty sure it was common knowledge in the school who he was related to, so he didn’t clarify.

  • And it's like the fog has lifted - Magdalena Adler, Tue Jan 23 12:03
    Alena had spent the last portion of her summer in Ireland visiting Benjamin, although Alena had always found Benjamin’s wife a little scary she’d had a lovely time. Benjamin hadn’t made her got to... more
    • And it’s like the sky is new - Drew, Tue Jan 23 23:36
      • And it's warm and real and bright - Alena, Mon Jan 29 16:18
        Once she spotted Drew’s face the fluttering in Alena’s chest died down. He seemed unperturbed by the plunge into darkness which she found reassuring.She was suddenly very glad she’d fallen into a... more
        • And the world has somehow shifted - Drew, Sat Feb 3 16:49
          Alena was whispering, so Drew had to lean in a little closer to hear her. He didn’t know why they were whispering (it wasn’t like they were in the dark because they were hiding from something) but he ... more
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