That may be logistically challenging
Wed Jan 24, 2018 19:18

Kit didn’t know how to feel about Leon because he seemed to be kind of...helpless. She had never been a big sister so she’d never had to deal with this sort of thing before. Drew was her age and technically Mads was younger, but Drew’s sister had always been pretty independent. Kit was independent. Well, kind of. She liked doing the things that Marissa did because Marissa was the coolest, and she liked doing things with Dade because he liked her, and she liked doing things with Drew because duh they were cousins. And maybe Kit wasn’t always the best ever about having ideas or anything but sometimes Drew seemed to like it better when the ideas they were doing weren’t hers. So that was okay. But it seemed like Leon wanted her to do all the work in the class, and that seemed unfair to Kit. She always helped in class. Kit was a good helper. But she wasn’t a good in-charge-er and she didn’t think it was fair for someone to decide she was the in-charge-er.

Probably she would have said something to Leon about it except all of a sudden he dropped his wand and ducked behind a chair. Kit blinked. She had absolutely no idea what was going on or why Leon would have done that or why anyone would have done that at all, didn’t he know that dropping your wand could be really dangerous? Like you could totally accidentally transfigure a chair into a lion and then the lion would eat you and you’d be really sad about it, plus then they lion might eat other people and Grandpa Aaron would have to turn it back into a chair. Although they were in Grandpa Aaron’s class so he could probably manage to turn the lion back into a chair more quicklyer than the lion could manage to eat too many of them.

And then all of a sudden - Kit couldn’t see very well but it sounded like it was happening anyway - Leon was crying or something about spiders. She sighed in exasperation. Leon was eleven entire years old, he didn’t have to be a crybaby. Even Madeleine didn’t do things like that and she was like way younger than Kit was.

“Darby isn’t a spider,” Kit said with all of the patience her brain could possibly think about holding. “Darby is a tarantula. And spiders are small. Most of them can’t kill you so it’s silly to be afraid of them. They’re more afraid of you than you are of them. That’s what my Aunt Jessie says. She’s Drew’s bio-mom. She works with dragons on a reserve in Africa. But not the kind of dragon that can eat you all up in one bite, the kind of dragon that has to have a lot of friends to eat you all up.”

  • If you don't mind picking me up. - Leon, Wed Jan 24 11:32
    The young boy stifled a squeak when the girl illuminated the spider on her shoulder. “Alright, why don't you start looking for those boxes. I don't know why I thought I had this in the bag.” The boy... more
    • That may be logistically challenging - Kit, Wed Jan 24 19:18
      • Leon took a few deep breaths then wiped his tears on his sleeve and fumbled for his wand in the darkness. “Listen, sorry it’s just my first day away from home and… I’m not used to facing these things ... more
        • Now that was uncalled for - Kit, Fri Jan 26 06:02
          Sometimes Kit was a very patient person. She was good at arts and crafts, like making costumes and things. She was going to help with costumes for the school musical this year, and she made cosplay... more
          • I, however, was called for - Professor Aaron McKindy, Fri Jan 26 06:33
            It wasn’t as though Aaron McKindy was unused to general chaos erupting in his classes. He had been teaching long enough that the had taught the parents of some of the kids in his classes, and he had... more
            • Yes, sir, I need some help. - Leon, Tue Feb 6 21:28
              Leon took the seat next to his Head of House. The boy's eyes still puffy and red, though he has seemed to stop crying for now. He took a loud exacerbated breath, then decided to speak. “Okay, I guess ... more
              • Yes, yes you do - Kit, Wed Feb 7 14:49
                Before coming to RMI, Kit had thought that she liked people a lot because she got along with everyone. The other kids in her class at Rock Creek Elementary weren’t all her best and closest friends... more
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