Professor Aaron McKindy
I, however, was called for
Fri Jan 26, 2018 06:33

It wasn’t as though Aaron McKindy was unused to general chaos erupting in his classes. He had been teaching long enough that the had taught the parents of some of the kids in his classes, and he had never been the type of professor that relied too heavily on lectures and note-taking. Creative and practical lessons that engaged students in more than one way was much more his style of teaching, and with that style of teaching inevitably came some problems. Students had blown things up in his classes. They had set things on fire. They had, on at least one occasion, set each other on fire. There had been a student who had signed an essay in blood. All of that was on top of the normal squabbling that happened in any class where a professor instructed students, particularly younger students, to work in pairs or groups.

But it normally took at least five minutes for the chaos to really begin, and it was definitely less than five minutes before Aaron heard the raised voice of a student. The student didn’t sound happy but Aaron was still debating whether or not to intervene when a second voice started clamoring over the first.

Merlin, Circe, and Agrippa that was Kit. That meant trouble.

Wordlessly, Aaron lit his own wand and set off in the direction of the voices, which was good because Kit was still yelling by the time he got there, although with a final word - crybaby - it appeared as though she might be done for the moment. The tall, black-haired man waved his wand above the two students, creating a halo of blue-silver light that clearly illuminated Kit, her partner, and Aaron. It also clearly illuminated the spider on Kit’s shoulder, at which Aaron bit back a sigh. For someone who wasn’t actually related to his daughter, Kit’s affinity for weird animals was definitely reminiscent of Jessie. Last year, before Marissa had gotten Darby for her, Kit had been caught trying to sneak a bowtruckle out of Magizoobotany, and the year before that had tried to get Jessie to give her a dragon for Christmas. It was just as well that Aaron and Garen had been there to intervene, because Aaron was actually fairly certain Jessie would have gotten Kit exactly what she wanted. As things were, Kit had ended up with a miniatures of a Hungarian Horntail that breathed real fire and bit people when it felt like. Still not as bad as a real dragon, but nobody had been particularly thrilled about the gift. Except Kit, of course.

“Kit,” Aaron said calmly, looking as his granddaughter and tucking his now-extinguished wand in his back pocket. “You know that name-calling doesn’t solve any problems.” Now he looked at the boy Kit had presumably been working with. It was Leon, one of the Cetus first-years. Leon looked as though he had been crying. Aaron bit back another sigh. Kit was a sweet girl most of the time, but Aaron was willing to put money down that Leon had insulted Darby and that Kit had yelled at the younger student because of that, presumably making him cry. “Leon, how about you come here,” Aaron gestured at the seats beside him, “and we can talk about what happened. Kit, you too.”

The Spellwork professor seated himself and waited for the two students to move. Once it seemed like everyone was settled and ready to talk, Aaron turned gray-green eyes to Leon. “All right. Leon, you can go first since you’re younger.”

The key to handling Kit was to make sure she could clearly see the logic in everything that was happening. That was sometimes challenging, since Kit-logic was not like normal logic, but it was the way it had to be done. Fortunately, Aaron had twelve years of practise on that particular front; this would probably go fine.

  • Now that was uncalled for - Kit, Fri Jan 26 06:02
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    • I, however, was called for - Professor Aaron McKindy, Fri Jan 26 06:33
      • Yes, sir, I need some help. - Leon, Tue Feb 6 21:28
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        • Yes, yes you do - Kit, Wed Feb 7 14:49
          Before coming to RMI, Kit had thought that she liked people a lot because she got along with everyone. The other kids in her class at Rock Creek Elementary weren’t all her best and closest friends... more
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