Naptime sounds great
Fri Jan 26, 2018 09:33

Weirdly, Dade had actually kind of taken to teaching people magic. A lot of what he and Remington and Kit did was research new spells and then try them on each other. What had started out as mostly using Kit as target practise had branched into Kit actually trying to learn the spells, and boy was Kit bad at wandwork. Well, she actually wasn’t terrible if she could keep her attention on one thing for more than a split second, which was practically never, so even though Kit could have been better at things she was functionally terrible and that’s what counted. Great target practise, though. Sometimes Dade had Kit run around so he could work on his aim when it came to hitting a moving target. He’d improved drastically since that had started happening.

And okay, the charm to light your wand was a little less interesting than the charm that made moss grow on the inside of your teeth, but it was still something Dade could do that he could teach someone else to do.

Keith tried the spell and managed to light up the palm of his hand really briefly and that was a solveable problem because when you held your wand correctly it helped doing spells. It wasn’t strictly necessary, because you could actually do magic without a wand when you were good enough. It was how Animagi turned into their animal forms. Rose had learned how to be an Animagus last year - her form was a black swan, she’d showed Dade a few times over break. Dade thought that was the literal coolest thing, and he wanted to become one too. He didn’t know what his form would be, but he hoped it could be something cool like a lion or a falcon.

Lumos,” Dade said, concentrating on his wand as a fairly bright bubble of light appeared at the tip. He looked at Keith’s hand, which was now holding the wand by the handle. “Yeah that will probably help,” he said. “Sometimes it’s easier doing a new spell if you grip your wand really hard, but that only works for some people.” It worked for him but didn’t work for Kit, for example. “And magic isn’t that hard as long as you pay attention and concentrate. Are you Muggleborn?” the comment about magic seemed like it came from someone who wasn’t strictly familiar with it. Dade had no problem with Muggleborns, even though Connor and their father did, but the idea of growing up without magic still seemed very bizarre to him. How did anything get done?

  • So bored you need a nap? - Keith, Sat Jan 20 10:12
    Keith was surprised when the older boy he had spoken to had an accent. If the shows didn’t fail him, it sounded English. Dad had mentioned RMI was an international school and that Keith shouldn’t be... more
    • Naptime sounds great - Dade, Fri Jan 26 09:33
      • Naptime is always great. - Keith, Wed Jan 31 20:56
        Keith watched as Dade made the spell look easy. Keith was just a bit jealous. At his old school, he had been top of his class in almost everything. The eleven-year-old wouldn’t admit it out loud, but ... more
        • Everyone should have naptime - Dade, Sat Feb 3 12:54
          So the kid was a halfblood, but his parents had inexplicably raised him like a Muggle. Dade didn’t get it. Like fine, not everyone could have magic parents and that wasn’t their fault but when one... more
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