And it's warm and real and bright
Mon Jan 29, 2018 16:18

Once she spotted Drew’s face the fluttering in Alena’s chest died down. He seemed unperturbed by the plunge into darkness which she found reassuring.She was suddenly very glad she’d fallen into a partnership with Drew, panic was not easily managed when partnered with more panic, and Drew seemed very level-headed. Alena was happy to let him take charge. She had always been more of a follower than a leader, generally freezing up when the responsibility landed on her to come up with a plan. It was no surprise then that Alena prefered to be in the company of greater personalities than her own. She shuffled over to his side letting out a nervous laugh, and obediently followed him toward the front of the room. Little bobbing lights began to surface around them but Alena tried not to pay much attention to them. She couldn’t let her head get clouded with worry about what other people were doing like during exams when she always fretted when she noticed people scribbling faster, or finishing up sooner than her. Although she was equally concerned when she finished first, if anything that caused the most anxiety of all the scenarios.

Listening to Drew talk about his summer, Alena wondered if he, like her didn’t have a mother. But she was sure that Mr Tennent was married and just because he never mentioned a mother didn’t mean she didn’t exist. Perhaps, Mrs Tennent didn’t enjoy music as much as the other Tennents or was more of an unattainable parent. The sort who didn’t take their kids to music festivals. Alena understood what that was like. She had a good relationship with her Papa but they never did anything fun together and he worked a lot, Alena learnt early on never to disturb him when he was in the office.

With some satisfaction she noted that she had been right about his being connected to Professor McKindy. Hearing his summer activities had impressed her greatly, eyes wide she was comforted by the hope that the lack of light may have hid her surprise. She supposed that Drew must be very advanced in spells for someone his age to be practicing over the summer like that, whether it be from McKindy’s tutilagde or his own talent.

“That does sound like a fun summer, “ she whispered because something about being trapped in darkness made Alena feel as though she should whisper, “ I wish Papa would take me to festivals but he doesn’t like music a lot. He likes more classical pieces but not even them very much.” Alena’s musical education prior to RMI had been dominated by old European wizards and while that was alright sometimes she wanted to play a piece on the piano that hadn’t existed for over a century. “I did visit my brother, not as fun as festivals but he’s started breeding crups so I did get to cuddle puppies,” Alena said with fondness. Alena was so busy being impressed by Drew that she had forgot to pay attention to where she was placing her feet and all of a sudden, they seemed to become tangled in each other and she dipped forward, tumbling towards the floor with a panicked, “Arggh!” Throwing out her hands, she lost hold of wand, quickly making contact with the ground.

  • And it’s like the sky is new - Drew, Tue Jan 23 23:36
    Drew was pretty sure that Alena was one of Darlene’s friends. At least, they both always looked like they were on their way to a nice tea party or something. Drew was pretty sure that other girls... more
    • And it's warm and real and bright - Alena, Mon Jan 29 16:18
      • And the world has somehow shifted - Drew, Sat Feb 3 16:49
        Alena was whispering, so Drew had to lean in a little closer to hear her. He didn’t know why they were whispering (it wasn’t like they were in the dark because they were hiding from something) but he ... more
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