Petra Stiglitz
Papa says you never forget how
Tue Jan 30, 2018 18:02

Petra was happy and sad to be back at Rocky Mountain. While she was happy to be away from mama when she was growing the baby, she was also sad because it meant that she couldn’t see all her siblings. She was also happy to be able to learn magic again, but it was the first couple lessons of the year. And that meant the third time that the Aquila had to go over some of the simpler spells that the new kids needed to learn. It was like when papa made her help Dedrick with something that he didn’t understand because he was younger than her. It was the same with some of the professors when they started each new school year.

So when Professor McKindy said that they were going to work on the light spell again, it didn’t surprise the third year that they were supposed to work with the younger years. That made the girl frown though, because it meant that she couldn’t work with any of her friends – like Sara who understood that sometimes Petra wasn’t good at things. But Spellwork wasn’t one of those. It was one of those practical things that didn’t have a list of ingredients or very many instructions. Petra liked it a lot more than she liked icky confusing potions class. Still, she couldn’t work with someone she knew and that made her a little anxious.

A voice next to her rang out and blonde curls turned to look at one of the second years. She smiled a little, glad that she didn’t have to try and make a new friend, although she was sure that the first year kids would be nicer than Hugo and Dedrick were. Sometimes, if he didn’t like what Petra said, Dedrick would bite her or pinch her. She really doubted that any other kids at RMI would do that to her, but they could say mean things and those could hurt too. So far, no one had said any mean things to her but she’d heard rumors that there were kids that did. She felt lucky that she’d never really talked to them.

“Will you be partners with me? I think I can be OK at making light, but never before have I taken such a long holiday from making any magic and then come back to school.”

Despite the words, her fellow student didn’t seem upset that he wasn’t sure. Petra smiled brightly at him though and nodded enthusiastically. If first impressions were anything (which papa said they were) then the boy was nice. Hopefully, he didn’t like to bite people or pinch them. Or say mean things. “I will!” Petra said happily, glad that someone wanted to partner with her. She opened her mouth again, but the lights went out. Boy, was she glad that she wasn’t alone in the dark. Thankfully, she’d stopped being afraid of darkness when she was eight, which was more than Dedrick. He was still afraid and he was even ten years old.

“You’re still there, right?” Petra questioned in the general direction that her partner had been moments before. Not waiting for a response, the Aquila waved her wand and uttered the spell, her wand producing a dim light. “I feel like it should be brighter.” There was some level of concern in her voice and it was etched on her face. “C-could you do it so that I know if I’m not doing it right or if somethings wrong?”

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    • Papa says you never forget how - Petra Stiglitz, Tue Jan 30 18:02
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