Naptime is always great.
Wed Jan 31, 2018 20:56

Keith watched as Dade made the spell look easy. Keith was just a bit jealous. At his old school, he had been top of his class in almost everything. The eleven-year-old wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he had lord-ed his superior mind over all the others in his grade but his two best friends. Keith, JJ, and Mark had been as thick as thieves throughout their years in elementary school. In fact, Keith thought sadly JJ and Mark were probably just as chummy this year, only Keith had gone to a new school.

The Draco was drawn back into the present when Dade said it was easier to do magic as long as the person paid attention and concentrated. Then the older boy asked him if he was a Muggleborn. Remembering his Dad’s warning about other students looking down on Muggle-borns, “No,” Keith said with a small shake of his head. “My Dad is a Wizard, and my mom is a Muggle. They raised me mostly in the Muggle World.” Keith wasn’t a hundred percent sure how dad being a wizard was better than him being a Muggleborn it all seemed kind of silly.

Keith looked down at his wand and gripped it really hard like Dade suggested. “Lumos!” he said and much to his surprise the wand tip lit up. “Woah.” The first year brought his wand up to look at it a bit surprised he had been able to do it right. “Thanks! Your advice about gripping the wand really worked! I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you are not a Muggleborn?” Keith wasn't sure if it was rude to ask but Dade had done so first, so it should be okay.

  • Naptime sounds great - Dade, Fri Jan 26 09:33
    Weirdly, Dade had actually kind of taken to teaching people magic. A lot of what he and Remington and Kit did was research new spells and then try them on each other. What had started out as mostly... more
    • Naptime is always great. - Keith, Wed Jan 31 20:56
      • Everyone should have naptime - Dade, Sat Feb 3 12:54
        So the kid was a halfblood, but his parents had inexplicably raised him like a Muggle. Dade didn’t get it. Like fine, not everyone could have magic parents and that wasn’t their fault but when one... more
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