I hope that's true!
Wed Jan 31, 2018 22:46

The girl he had approached responded with a big smile, and Anssi couldn’t help but smile back. Admitting you were not the best at doing things wasn’t always a good idea, because there was a risk that the other person would refuse to work with you or take advantage of you. He had experienced the first, but only back in Muggle school - last year, there were some older kids that he could tell didn’t really want to work with him, but they had never refused when he asked nicely in class. He had never experienced the second, though Ruben claimed it was more common than he might expect. However, none of that mattered right now. Smiling was a good sign!

Unfortunately, he had little chance to say anything else to her before the whole classroom went dark. Anssi wasn’t scared of the dark, exactly, but he didn’t like it very much. At home, he had a night-light plugged in by his bedside lamp. It was shaped like a fat little Joulupukki and when the lamp was turned off, the Joulupukki created bright small speckles of red and white that made his room feel a bit like Christmas the whole year long. He didn’t have a night-light in his room in Draco, but he had a few pictures of his family tacked up by his bed. They had been taken with what he thought was a normal camera, but Dagny had done something magicky so that all of their picture-selves were moving. A couple of the pictures were set indoors and one out on a sunny day, and they gave off enough fuzzy light that it easy for him to fall asleep with them over his pillow.

There were no night-lights or moving pictures or anything right now. He shivered slightly, but changed it into a more energetic nod in response to his new partner’s question. Then he remembered that of course she would not be able to see him nodding in the dark… or shivering, either. “Ja, I am being here,” Anssi called back, trying to resist the impulse to turn his head. If he just kept staring straight in front of him, and if the girl didn’t move either, then he would know where she was, since they had been standing in front of each other before the lights went off. It became easier to keep still after some other students around them started doing the spell and making their own light-speckles. Then his partner did it, too!

His moment of worry faded away. Hers sounded like it had started up, though. Her voice and her face were both worried. The blonde smiled again. “You made a good light!” he said encouragingly. Pulling his wand out of the deep pocket of his robes, he nodded, this time more confident that it would be visible since they had at least some light in between them. “Okej, I will try. Loooomos,” Anssi chanted, drawing out the word’s pronunciation carefully as he waved his wand. He had to repeat it once more, but finally the light on his wand-tip was glowing nice and clearly, maybe a bit brighter than the girl’s but not by very much. “So now we are going to start to treasure-hunt?” he confirmed, wanting to make sure she was ready. “Oh, and I am Anssi. Who are you? Names are hard to be remembering!”

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    • I hope that's true! - Anssi, Wed Jan 31 22:46
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