Everyone should have naptime
Sat Feb 3, 2018 12:54

So the kid was a halfblood, but his parents had inexplicably raised him like a Muggle. Dade didn’t get it. Like fine, not everyone could have magic parents and that wasn’t their fault but when one parent was magical and they just chose to not have their kid be raised magical? That was weird and seemed kind of irresponsible. Unless the kid was a Squib, Dade supposed, but Keith was clearly not a Squib since he’d just gone and done a spell correctly. Weird. The third-year was just about to comment on Keith’s parents’ choices when Keith asked about Dade’s own parentage.

“No, I’m a pureblood,” he said straightforwardly. “My dad’s from an old family in England and my mum was from an Italian family that lives in the States. I’ve never met my mum’s family, though.” Since his mother had died when he was born, Dade had never felt a particular connection to his mother or her family, and her family hadn’t made much of an effort to get to know their grandkids either, which was fine with Dade. One set of stupid pureblood grandparents was enough. One year, their father had tried to invite Charlene’s grandparents over for Christmas dinner and, somewhat uncharacteristically, all three Farnon children had thrown a fit. Usually Connor stayed out of that sort of thing, but they seemed to all be in agreement that their own pureblood family was enough, thanks. “I don’t do the snooty pureblood things either, that’s all Co - my brother, he does that stuff.” Dade had almost mentioned Connor’s name out of habit, which would have been silly since Dade was busy pretending not to be related to him.

Dade felt a little smug that his trick with the wand had worked. It wasn’t really his trick because if you read far enough in The Standard Book of Spells it was mentioned in one of those little bubbles on the side that thought they were being helpful when they were usually just being dumb. Dade wanted to be really good at spellwork though, so he always read everything in the book, just in case. And sometimes it worked out for him and made him look smart, like right now.

  • Naptime is always great. - Keith, Wed Jan 31 20:56
    Keith watched as Dade made the spell look easy. Keith was just a bit jealous. At his old school, he had been top of his class in almost everything. The eleven-year-old wouldn’t admit it out loud, but ... more
    • Everyone should have naptime - Dade, Sat Feb 3 12:54
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