And the world has somehow shifted
Sat Feb 3, 2018 16:49

Alena was whispering, so Drew had to lean in a little closer to hear her. He didn’t know why they were whispering (it wasn’t like they were in the dark because they were hiding from something) but he felt like he should whisper too if Alena was doing it. She sounded impressed by the music festival, and Drew knew she was a third year so he whispered back, “You could go to festivals and things on Pearl Street this year, if you wanted. Boulder has a lot of cool stuff.” He still had another year to wait, which Drew felt was kind of unfair because before he was an RMI student he’d been allowed to go to Pearl Street. Not that Drew ever went up alone, because he was a kid, but he could go with Dad or Aaron or Marissa and it was fine. He was looking forward to next year, when he could go all by himself. There was this cool record store that he was pretty sure would be his first stop, right after Finnigan’s Flavors…

Okay and speaking of that, how could someone not like music? Drew understood not liking certain genres of music (country didn’t really do anything for him, and he wasn’t a huge fan of, like, ska or reggae) but not liking any music at all? That was like saying you didn’t like food. And okay Drew liked classical music just fine but he also kind of felt like if the only music you liked was classical, it was like saying the only food you liked was spaghetti. It was yummy and a classic and you could do different things with it, like put different sauces or bake it, but at the end of the day it was just spaghetti. There were a lot more interesting foods.

Alena might have sounded jealous of Drew getting to go to a music festival, but Drew was pretty jealous of her getting to play with puppies. He liked dogs. He liked most animals, although he didn’t have any pets. Madeleine had a puffskein but Jennyanydots was definitely hers, not a family pet. They did have Aaron, so sometimes they went to the dog park with him in his Animagus form and played fetch. It was super not like actually having a dog, but it was fun, and now that the Hiers had a playing dog (Lapis was a working dog so she didn’t count) so he probably could go visit if he wanted to, except that he didn’t really want to because those Jacobs kids were really annoying. Madeleine acted like Julia was her little sister but as far as Drew could tell both of the kids were kind of brats.

“That sounds really fun too,” he told Alena. “I wanna play with cruppies.” Drew grinned at his own pun. His grinning was short-lived, though, because all of a sudden Alena had tripped or something and she was on the ground.

Drew crouched down next to the older girl. “Oh, Merlin, are you okay?” If he needed to then he could shoot up sparks to get Aaron to come over, but hopefully she wasn’t actually hurt. Seeing her wand on the floor, with the tip luckily still lit up, Drew reached out and grabbed it. As he was moving it back towards her, Drew caught a glimpse of something shiny on the ground. “Hey, the good news is you found one of the packets,” he said, transferring Alena’s wand to his wanded dominant hand so he could pick the thing up. “You wanna open it now?”

  • And it's warm and real and bright - Alena, Mon Jan 29 16:18
    Once she spotted Drew’s face the fluttering in Alena’s chest died down. He seemed unperturbed by the plunge into darkness which she found reassuring.She was suddenly very glad she’d fallen into a... more
    • And the world has somehow shifted - Drew, Sat Feb 3 16:49
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