Now you're getting a handle on it
Mon Mar 6, 2017 14:27

The part of Holland arguing that coffee would help their spellwork won while Danny suggested another incentive. “That was the idea, but it’s not working,” they agreed, collecting their cup. The warming charm had done its job, and the latte was just drinkably shy of piping hot.

They sipped the chai latte while Danny brought up Animagi. Holland didn’t like the idea of registries of people, but they felt it was warranted in this case; they didn’t like the idea that any animal could secretly be a person. “Yeah. I feel like the registry makes sense, though. It would be easy for someone to abuse Animagus powers.” It was also easy for wizards and witches to misuse their magical ability against Muggles, which was part of what had always bothered Holland about the wizarding government. Not that transparency was the best way of approaching wizard-Muggle relations—not that Holland had a good solution for that problem—but Muggles had a right to be aware of people who could exert power over them. Dad didn’t seem to mind, but Holland sometimes wondered if non-magical relatives of wizarding folk felt uncomfortable knowing their child or partner or sibling had powerful and potentially frightening abilities at their fingertips.

Of course, the registry wasn’t even helpful. It included the Animagus’ name, form, and identifying characteristics, but unless you memorized the list, it wasn’t helpful if you were in a situation with a suspected Animagus. There were spells that could force a transfiguration back into human form, but they were complicated and Holland wasn’t completely sure what would happen if you cast them on a normal animal.

Probably nothing. Or possibly nothing nice.

“I love your outfit, by the way,” said Holland, changing the subject. The boots are just completely fantastic, and dark green’s a good color on you.” He had even matched his shirt to the boots, which was a definite improvement over the neon he usually wore. Holland was all for bright shades and loud clothing, but Danny didn’t have the best eye for pulling those colors off. When used sparingly, neon could be a fun accent to an outfit. Danny was not usually good at moderation.

Holland didn’t guard their eyes per Danny’s suggestion, but they did take a few steps back from his practice area just in case. His quill moved a lot, which apparently wasn’t what he was going for but was better than anything Holland had managed without a wand.

“You got it to move, though, that’s good. Plenty of adults can’t do wandless magic, so you’re already ahead of the curve,” as long as Rose was excluded from the curve. Their yearmate was ridiculously good at Spellwork. As a kid, Holland’s accidental magic had mostly manifested as appearance-related transfiguration. Haircuts and clothing that Holland found particularly objectionable were known to transform into choices that felt more right for them. The knack for transfiguration had carried over to RMI, so it wasn’t surprising that the only nonverbal magic they’d managed so far was color-changing eyebrows. “Maybe it’s how you’re thinking about it,” they offered Danny. “It helps to care less about things being things, you know? Like instead of being thinking, I’m turning the quill into a paintbrush, you have to think of it like, right now it looks like a quill but it’s actually a paintbrush, so I’m going to get it there. Just be more flexible about stuff.”

  • Of core-se I did - Dardanius, Sun Mar 5 15:29
    Holland rejected the offer of the candy, so Danny shrugged, took a licorice wand for himself, and put one end of it in his mouth, holding it there with his teeth while both his hands were engaged in... more
    • Now you're getting a handle on it - Holland, Mon Mar 6 14:27
      • I wave-red for a moment - Danny, Tue Mar 7 15:00
        He wouldn’t argue; it would be easy for someone to abuse Animagus powers, but Danny didn’t necessarily agree that made the registry sensical. There were plenty of people who were Animagi who would... more
        • But now your grip is steady - Holland, Sat Mar 11 15:53
          “ Yeah when I put this shirt on I did think you'd be proud of me making an effort to co-ordinate, or whatever. ” Holland beamed. They thoroughly enjoyed seeing that they had been a good influence on... more
          • My thoughts have wand-ered - Danny, Sun Mar 12 13:35
            “Hey, not bad,” Danny grinned at Holland’s transfiguration. If his enthusiasm sounded muted, it wasn't because of Holland’s performance. Yes, the prop of a wand was only the first step in a... more
            • *another wand pun* - Holland, Sun Mar 12 14:55
              Mostly ignoring Danny, Holland picked up the mint tin and examined it. The side opposite the new handle had also folded into a slight lip, which meant it was even closer to a creamer than Holland had ... more
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