I was just thinking 'S'
Fri Feb 9, 2018 05:48

His partner was called Sam. Jesse assumed he was one of the older students because he offered to work with Jesse, who was a first year, and he thought may he had heard something about the older students working with the younger, but he might not have, he might have imagined it - he was only about half sure that had actually happened. He’d been too interested in looking at everything else in the room to really hear what had been said. Also because Sam said he had tried the spell a few times before, and you weren’t supposed to do magic at home if you were underage, and Sam was definitely underage, because he was small and in the beginner’s class, and it was only the first day of classes, so he probably hadn’t had much time to try practicing spells. Sure he could have tried a few out between the Opening Feast and now, but it would have been very good luck to have chosen a spell that was being taught in their first class. So yes, Sam was definitely, almost certainly, anyway, an older student. Also he had more confidence, which pointed to - oh, he was doing the spell already.

“You did it,” Jesse said, without emotion; he was merely commenting on the scenario, not attributing value to it. The not-a-first-year Sam was not emotional about his achievement either, so it was probably fine that Jesse had reacted similarly. It was, however, now his turn to try, and he was a bit excited, a bit nervous, to try his first spell in his first class. “Lumos,” Jesse incanted. The tip of his wand glowed with a dim light for almost a second before it extinguished itself. In mimicry of the mixed feelings he’d had moments ago, before casting the spell, he now felt a combination of pride at his success and disappointment at its immediate cessation. “Maybe if I try again I’ll do better,” he said, elucidating his thought process aloud.

Jesse proceeded to try the spell again, resulting in the exact same effect as before. “Is magic one of those things that gets easier with practise?” he asked. Some things just did. Riding a broomstick had gotten easier with practise, but choosing his own clothes was still an effort. Jesse often thought it would be easier to just wear pajamas all the time - they came in co-ordinating sets so you didn’t have to match them up yourself, and they were comfortable - but just about everyone he’d ever voiced that theory to had disagreed with him. Today he was wearing some new-ish (for him but probably old-ish for the person who’d owned them before) jeans and one of his favorite t-shirts that was blue all over with small orange fish near the bottom. Of course his uniform robes covered most of everything anyway so he didn’t have to think as much about not matching when everyone could only see his shoes. Maybe nobody here would care anyway, but Felix and Lola and his mother always told him he wasn’t good at matching, so he thought they were representative of people in general, but maybe his family cared more about matching than anyone else. Jesse didn’t care about matching.

  • The grey man - Satveer, Tue Feb 6 10:43
    Satveer hadn’t seen the new kid in the common room so he didn’t really have much to go on. A quick glance at Jesse revealed nothing. Well other than the stark contrast of his dark hair upon his pale... more
    • I was just thinking 'S' - Jesse, Fri Feb 9 05:48
      • As the tip of Jesse’s wand illuminated, Satveer couldn’t help but smile. Looking cool, calm and collected was one thing, but encouraging others success, was another. “Well done” Satveer said as he... more
        • You're not wrong - Jesse, Thu Feb 15 15:47
          Sam declared Jesse to be a natural, which seemed like a peculiar comment to make. As far as the first year was aware, there was no synthetic way to make a person magical, so of course he was a... more
          • Jesse was a quiet kid, but he seemed ok. His incantation was clear, and he was thorough in his approach. Jesse’s quip about his father’s viewpoint on life was certainly poignant and fair. Satveer... more
            • Fact can be duller than fiction - Jesse, Wed Feb 21 14:46
              Sam said that Jesse should have the first packet, as he’d earned it. He guessed that a person could argue that Sam had done just as much work in the class as Jesse, but there was no argument that it... more
              • So let's make fact more interesting! - Satveer, Wed Feb 28 11:06
                Pink coconut ice weren’t really Satveer’s favourite. Had it been chocolate raisins, Satveer would have taken the sweets and left Jesse for dead (figuratively, obviously. Although, Satveer could see... more
                • What did you have in mind? - Jesse, Sat Mar 3 14:44
                  Sam didn’t want any coconut ice, which was ideal, because Jesse didn’t really want to share it. He felt selfish about that, though, because there was a whole bag of candy, and he couldn’t eat it all... more
                  • Shiny thing… Sorry what? - Satveer, Tue Mar 6 11:58
                    Jesse caught up just as Satveer crouched close to the floor. Satveer quietly mouthed another Lumos incantation and lowered his wand to the floor to look under the nearby furniture when simultaneously ... more
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