No one expects the grey man, they expected the S!
Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:29

As the tip of Jesse’s wand illuminated, Satveer couldn’t help but smile. Looking cool, calm and collected was one thing, but encouraging others success, was another. “Well done” Satveer said as he gave a reassuring smile, “You’re a natural”.

As Jesse attempted the incantation a second time, Satveer looked around the room. Small packets could mean anything, though given that it was Professor McKindy, it was probably sweets. Not that Satveer minded sweets! As far as he was concerned, they were an acceptable form of reward (and encouragement) for children, however he often thought how awesome it would be to one day find something hidden, something extra in one of these hunts. Maybe a vial of limited poly juice, or even weak invisibility potion… for academic purposes of course, but something to add a little extra encourage the kids to try harder. That’s what he’d do if he were a teacher. Satveer continues surveying the room, keeping note of what other student’s were doing and where they were going. It seemed pointless to focus on a high traffic area.

The sound of Jesse’s voice broke Satveer’s focus, allowing him to catch the last of the dwindling light that fade from the tip of his wand.
“Is magic one of those things that gets easier with practise?”
Logically, yes it must do, otherwise you’d see 100 year old wizards having trouble with the simplest of spells. Both Logic and the many conversations with his father, would seem to facilitate the theory that one wizards magical abilities are linked to a wizards aura. Training and strengthening that aura therefore makes the learned magic easier. When he visited his family in India, Satveer heard stories of wizarding cults (not the bad kind with sacrifice, the hippy kind with peace and love) that would pool their magic and channel it though a single vessel, a wizard, for the benefit of the community in times of crisis. It would take some strong auras to pull off, and Satveer often dismissed the stories as he did those of the muggle fairy tales. But still, It made Satveer Wonder!
“Yes, it must do” Satveer asserted, aware that he sounded all knowing and benevolent. “Or at least that’s how I see it.” He interjected himself, as to offer a clarification. “I see it like the muscles on your body. To lift heavier things, you must get stronger. To get stronger, you must train and build your muscles.” Satveer tapped the shaft of Jesse’s wand with his, “Think of this as exercise for your aura. The more you practice, the stronger you get.” He smiled, “That’s what my father told me”.

Satveer nodded to a less busy part of the lecture hall. “I’m guessing McKindy has hidden some sweets over here” he said, gesturing to Jesse to follow him. “Lumos” Satveer incanted, silently surprised by how easy he seemed to make it look. Perhaps confidence was the key?.

  • I was just thinking 'S' - Jesse, Fri Feb 9 05:48
    His partner was called Sam. Jesse assumed he was one of the older students because he offered to work with Jesse, who was a first year, and he thought may he had heard something about the older... more
    • No one expects the grey man, they expected the S! - Satveer, Mon Feb 12 10:29
      • You're not wrong - Jesse, Thu Feb 15 15:47
        Sam declared Jesse to be a natural, which seemed like a peculiar comment to make. As far as the first year was aware, there was no synthetic way to make a person magical, so of course he was a... more
        • Jesse was a quiet kid, but he seemed ok. His incantation was clear, and he was thorough in his approach. Jesse’s quip about his father’s viewpoint on life was certainly poignant and fair. Satveer... more
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