You're not wrong
Thu Feb 15, 2018 15:47

Sam declared Jesse to be a natural, which seemed like a peculiar comment to make. As far as the first year was aware, there was no synthetic way to make a person magical, so of course he was a natural wizard. He supposed that as the descriptor had not been followed by a noun that he could have presumed incorrectly his partner’s meaning, and that maybe he was assumed to be a natural at holding a wand (would that not be applicable to all tool-using mammals with opposable thumbs?) or incanting spells (anyone with a voice and unobstructed speech capabilities), which, while true, seemed innocuous. Perhaps it was supposed to be an encouragement that, like many platitudes of the same ilk, had little semantic value when considered out of context. ‘Good job’ and ‘you’re a star’ and ‘don’t count your chickens’ (which was a proverb, and only a partial proverb at that, but it served to prove the saem point) didn’t mean anything remotely like their literal, word-for-word interpretations. ‘You’re a natural’ might have been a version of ‘well done.’ Language was confusing sometimes.

Of course language could also be incredibly useful, and exploratory, and emotive, and no wonder Jesse found it confusing from time to time. Just right now, Sam was using words to explain how muscle training for the body was similar to casting spells to improve magical ability. It was an interesting analogy, in line with the ‘practise makes perfect’ (an example of a saying that made sense independently of context) advocacy his mother favored, and supported Sam’s interpretation that magic did come more easily over time and with use. It seemed to be based on fable rather than fact, however, or at least on second hand information, so Jesse couldn’t trust it completely, but he was open to the concept. “My father told me ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try until you do or give up and go home. It’s your life, make your own choices’.” Jesse supplied in return.

Now they were on the move. Jesse followed Sam at the gesture for him to do so, continually casting the spell to repeatedly reignite his own wand tip as he did so. The older student voiced an estimation that some sweets had been hidden nearby. Wondering whether this prediction had been based on any supporting evidence (he would guess so - it seemed a completely random assumption without basis), Jesse began to cast his meagre wandlight across the rows of seats in their vicinity. On the back of one chair was a small packet, only visible when the pitiful rays Jesse’s wand emitted fell across it. “Hey, I think you’re right,” he answered his partner. Reaching across the furniture, Jesse detached the packet and held it out for Sam to inspect.

  • As the tip of Jesse’s wand illuminated, Satveer couldn’t help but smile. Looking cool, calm and collected was one thing, but encouraging others success, was another. “Well done” Satveer said as he... more
    • You're not wrong - Jesse, Thu Feb 15 15:47
      • Jesse was a quiet kid, but he seemed ok. His incantation was clear, and he was thorough in his approach. Jesse’s quip about his father’s viewpoint on life was certainly poignant and fair. Satveer... more
        • Fact can be duller than fiction - Jesse, Wed Feb 21 14:46
          Sam said that Jesse should have the first packet, as he’d earned it. He guessed that a person could argue that Sam had done just as much work in the class as Jesse, but there was no argument that it... more
          • So let's make fact more interesting! - Satveer, Wed Feb 28 11:06
            Pink coconut ice weren’t really Satveer’s favourite. Had it been chocolate raisins, Satveer would have taken the sweets and left Jesse for dead (figuratively, obviously. Although, Satveer could see... more
            • What did you have in mind? - Jesse, Sat Mar 3 14:44
              Sam didn’t want any coconut ice, which was ideal, because Jesse didn’t really want to share it. He felt selfish about that, though, because there was a whole bag of candy, and he couldn’t eat it all... more
              • Shiny thing… Sorry what? - Satveer, Tue Mar 6 11:58
                Jesse caught up just as Satveer crouched close to the floor. Satveer quietly mouthed another Lumos incantation and lowered his wand to the floor to look under the nearby furniture when simultaneously ... more
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