Fact can be duller than fiction
Wed Feb 21, 2018 14:46

Sam said that Jesse should have the first packet, as he’d earned it. He guessed that a person could argue that Sam had done just as much work in the class as Jesse, but there was no argument that it had been the first year who had found the packet, so if they were operating a ‘finders keepers’ paradigm (his brother, Felix, often thought that was the most fair way to solve a quarrel of possession) the packet did belong to Jesse, anyway. They had worked as a team, though, so he would have been more than content for the other member in the team to share in the spoils of their success, but Jesse wasn’t about to turn down the prize he had found when he had permission from th more senior member of their group to claim it.

Carefully tearing open the top of the small, plain brown parcel, Jesse’s dark brown eyes peered inside and saw - illuminated by the light from his wand as he cast the spell again - small, shimmering pink cubes of coconut ice. The Draco took one out immediately , pinching it between his thumb and forefinger, and popped it into his mouth. He had always had a sweet tooth as long as he could remember; any chocolate, candies, cookies or cakes that made it into the Keller household were inevitably only there for a very short duration.

“Have we struck gold or just sweets?” Sam asked.

“Pink coconut ice,” Jesse said, offering the opened packet towards Sam for his to take a piece. “You can have a piece,” he said, just to clarify that he wasn’t offering the whole bag over to his companion this time. Now he knew what was inside, he was far less eager to give it up. He didn’t mind sharing, though.

Hiding packets of treats was a good incentive, Jesse decided, as he carefully folded over the packaging to prevent any of the coconut ice from spilling out before he placed it into the pocket of his robes. Keen to find more, hit cast the spell again - it might have been a bit brighter this time, or he might optimistically have been imagining it - and continued looking for more concealed prizes. “Maybe you’ll find the next one,” he encouraged Sam.

  • Jesse was a quiet kid, but he seemed ok. His incantation was clear, and he was thorough in his approach. Jesse’s quip about his father’s viewpoint on life was certainly poignant and fair. Satveer... more
    • Fact can be duller than fiction - Jesse, Wed Feb 21 14:46
      • So let's make fact more interesting! - Satveer, Wed Feb 28 11:06
        Pink coconut ice weren’t really Satveer’s favourite. Had it been chocolate raisins, Satveer would have taken the sweets and left Jesse for dead (figuratively, obviously. Although, Satveer could see... more
        • What did you have in mind? - Jesse, Sat Mar 3 14:44
          Sam didn’t want any coconut ice, which was ideal, because Jesse didn’t really want to share it. He felt selfish about that, though, because there was a whole bag of candy, and he couldn’t eat it all... more
          • Shiny thing… Sorry what? - Satveer, Tue Mar 6 11:58
            Jesse caught up just as Satveer crouched close to the floor. Satveer quietly mouthed another Lumos incantation and lowered his wand to the floor to look under the nearby furniture when simultaneously ... more
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