Well, I can’t ride one so I don’t know
Fri Feb 23, 2018 13:05

Petra smiled in relief as her partner’s voice sounded in the darkness. While she most definitely wasn’t scared of the dark, it was nice to know that he hadn’t been dragged away by the creatures that lurked in the black. Of course that was if they existed at all, because who really knew with the mystery of magic. Her wand was glowing dimly and she could faintly see that her partner really was there and that some type of imposter monster wasn’t just imitating him. She still didn’t think it was very bright and she tried to look through the darkness to check out other students work. Was she bad at this still? She couldn’t be as bad at it as she was at potions. Maybe next year she wouldn’t have to take those away, gosh wouldn’t that be great.

Her partner’s words made her a lot less worried about how dim her own light was and the Aquila managed a half smile. She felt like she wasn’t as good at this magic stuff as Helena and Hugo and sometimes wondered if this magic stuff wasn’t as strong in her. After all, if some of her siblings weren’t magic at all, what was stopping her from not having as much of it? She knew that her other older siblings sometimes were upset that they couldn’t do any magic but knew that wizards existed. Petra wasn’t sure which option sounded better - but neither one sounded all that great anyway.

The third-year watched as her partner tried once to get his wand to light up. It took him another time, but Petra figured it was because of his accent. She knew that words were funny sometimes especially being in a different language and it looked like some people also had a problem because it their voices were different but that didn’t mean that it was bad. Petra knew that mama and papa had strong voices and that some of their cousins did too, but she didn’t think that her voice sound different from most people and that was okay too! On the second try, his wand lit up and the girl beamed.

“That’s good!” She said, triumph clear in her voice. Over the years, Petra had decided that it was important that people knew that even the smallest thing was a good thing. “That’s a good light too, it’s bright!”

Her partner mentioned the treasure hunt and the girl brightened even more - if that was possible. She liked treasure hunts a lot, kind of like an Easter egg hunt. That was a muggle tradition that they had because some of her siblings didn’t have any magic and that way they still had some things to have fun with and do. But they still made Petra excited because she thought that she was particularly good at finding things. And so she nodded enthusiastically. “Yes finding things!”

The girl made a move to go look for something but Anssi - as she now knew - had asked for her name. The girl flushed bright red at realizing her atrocious manner once more. “Oh sorry!” She exclaimed, pushing blonde curls back from her face. “My name is Petra!” The conversation took her back to the pool party with Sara and how hard it had been to remember her name. She hadn’t seen her friends recently besides the occasional wave in class but hopefully they could hang out soon. In the meantime though, she had a new friend and a job to find whatever the professor had hidden.

“Let’s go over there.” The Aquila suggested, squinting at an area that seemed like it didn’t have many people. Waiting for Anssi to agree before they moved, the blonde stood still so that they wouldn’t lose each other in the dim light. “What do you think Professor McKindy put in them?”

  • I hope that's true! - Anssi, Wed Jan 31 22:46
    The girl he had approached responded with a big smile, and Anssi couldn’t help but smile back. Admitting you were not the best at doing things wasn’t always a good idea, because there was a risk that ... more
    • Well, I can’t ride one so I don’t know - Petra, Fri Feb 23 13:05
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