So let's make fact more interesting!
Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:06

Pink coconut ice weren’t really Satveer’s favourite. Had it been chocolate raisins, Satveer would have taken the sweets and left Jesse for dead (figuratively, obviously. Although, Satveer could see how this could happen), but pink coconut ice was neither here nor there on Satveer’s ‘food and snacks radar’. “I’m good, you have them.” Satveer retorted with a slightly distracted but affirming nod. In the distance, he could hear two students, one with an elevated voice. It didn’t sound like they were getting along.

“Lumos” Satveer incanted, looking one last time in the immediate vicinity. He wasn’t feeling very optimistic and the likelihood Professor McKindy had hidden multiple packets together was diminishing. Jesse had now stowed the packet into pocket of his robes and offered some encouraging words. Satveer quite likes Jesse’s approach. He was calm and friendly and willing to give it a go. Satveer was about to suggest they move to a new location when he overheard a girl raising her voice. It sounded like worked up Kit. He looked over and near her was a boy on the floor. No sooner had the girls voice vanished into the seemingly quietened classroom, Professor McKindy was seen walking towards the Kit and the boy on the floor. The epicentre of the kafuffle.

Satveer was used to magic at home. Well, used to it on the road. Home was a relatively new concept, but he was used to magic none the less. When he and his family travelled around India, they would often stay with his mother’s family. Whilst his mother’s family had all the conveniences modern wizards and muggles have grown accustomed to, they also like to occasionally strip it all back. They often had large family gatherings on their land with camping, fire pit dinners and stories by wand light. Satveer thought that no one did wand lit stories better than his Nani. She would tell the stories of her ancestors. Using her wand and marionettes, she would cast shadows into the distance that enthralled all who saw them. Satveer being of an inquisitive nature would often try to emulate what his Nani did, albeit with a twig. His grasp of Sanskrit was dire, but he understood the relevance of wand movement.
Only once Satveer had gotten his own wand, just prior to joining RMI, did he actually try an incantation for real. His first successful incantation of Lumos was performed in the cramped twin bedroom at a bed and breakfast just outside the town his family now called home. It was long after bedtime and Satveer, being egged on by his elder brother and sister (neither of whom could perform magic), saw the success of his Lumos incantation dull the room with a stunned silence. The silence ended just as quickly as it arrived and was followed by the loud tittering of excitement and surprise. The somewhat ruckus commotion resulted in their father bursting into the already cramped room. Red, annoyed and ready to unleash a right telling off over the children’s noisy disobedience, for bedtime was a long time ago and liberties were being taken. However, as soon as his father entered the room, his gaze fell on the dying light ball disappear from the tip of Satveer’s wand and all anger had gone. Expunged almost as quickly as the light itself. A smile fell on Satveer’s fathers face along with the realisation that soon, Satveer would be at wizarding school. Of course, it was only once he’d started RMI did Satveer come to realise it was against the rules to do magic outside of school. He couldn’t help but think his parents should have told him that.

With Professor McKindy distracted, Satveer seized the opportunity and started moving further into the darkness. He pointed his diminishingly lighted wand in front of him and gestured a sort of ‘come thither’ side nod at Jesse. The kind of side nod that lead to fun and maybe some mischievous deeds. Deeper in the room, Satveer hunched over and waited for Jesse. It was fair say that, to any onlooker, Satveer was plotting.

  • Fact can be duller than fiction - Jesse, Wed Feb 21 14:46
    Sam said that Jesse should have the first packet, as he’d earned it. He guessed that a person could argue that Sam had done just as much work in the class as Jesse, but there was no argument that it... more
    • So let's make fact more interesting! - Satveer, Wed Feb 28 11:06
      • What did you have in mind? - Jesse, Sat Mar 3 14:44
        Sam didn’t want any coconut ice, which was ideal, because Jesse didn’t really want to share it. He felt selfish about that, though, because there was a whole bag of candy, and he couldn’t eat it all... more
        • Shiny thing… Sorry what? - Satveer, Tue Mar 6 11:58
          Jesse caught up just as Satveer crouched close to the floor. Satveer quietly mouthed another Lumos incantation and lowered his wand to the floor to look under the nearby furniture when simultaneously ... more
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