I wave-red for a moment
Tue Mar 7, 2017 15:00

He wouldn’t argue; it would be easy for someone to abuse Animagus powers, but Danny didn’t necessarily agree that made the registry sensical. There were plenty of people who were Animagi who would never even consider abusing their powers, and plenty of non-Animagi that would find other ways to be mistrustful. He wondered whether there were registers of metamorphmagi, who surely had far more potential to misuse their gifts, or anyone who had the ability to brew Polyjuice Potion. Dardanius personally didn’t care that his name would be on a register if he was successful in becoming an animagus; he didn’t believe anyone would use the information to his disadvantage. Luckily the mouthful of licorice he was yet to swallow was preventing him from bringing these topics forth for conversation.

Fortuitously, by the time Danny was done eating, Holland had mentioned Danny’s outfit. In fact, Holland had complimented Danny’s outfit. A strange expression crossed his face, like he was trying not to look too pleased with himself. "Yeah when I put this shirt on I did think you'd be proud of me making an effort to co-ordinate, or whatever." He rarely put any thought into his attire at all, just selecting the first garments that his fingertips fell upon in the mornings. If there was a party or other gathering where he felt that effort ought to be made, he just asked Holland for advice. This was possibly the first time he had consciously considered an everyday outfit and he was delighted that it had earned him praise from his most fashionable friend. “And you’re not wrong about the boots. Worth every knut.” Or possibly not in everyone’s opinion, but they were extremely comfortable as well as aesthetically awesome.

While discussing clothing was something to which Dardanius was slowly beginning to become accustomed, he had come to practise magic, so it was imperative he make at least a little effort. After his first attempt didn’t go as planned, Danny was bolstered by Holland’s encouragement. Perhaps a little too bolstered, if truth be told - he knew he was good at Spellwork, but he did enjoy it when other people noticed, too. He probably ought to make another attempt at the spell while he was feeling empowered, but first he listened to Holland’s potentially helpful advice about accomplishing transfiguration spells non-verbally. “It helps to care less about things being things, you know?” Danny suspected he did know, but Holland explained anyway. “Just be more flexible about stuff.”

Danny grinned at the advice that could apparently be applied to a great many areas of his life right now. “Just be more flexible about stuff,” he repeated, biting his lower lip and raising his eyebrows as he looked at his quill, but his thoughts were not on transfiguring it into a paintbrush. He was silent just a moment while he really mulled that sentiment over, before he remembered that he was supposed to be doing magic and Holland probably thought he had just spaced out for a moment (actually he wasn’t sure spacing out had the same meaning to Holland - they probably imagined aliens or something other-wordly being alluded to when the word ‘space’ was used). “So, uh, what are you going to use instead?” he asked. “For your incentive.”

  • Now you're getting a handle on it - Holland, Mon Mar 6 14:27
    The part of Holland arguing that coffee would help their spellwork won while Danny suggested another incentive. “That was the idea, but it’s not working,” they agreed, collecting their cup. The... more
    • I wave-red for a moment - Danny, Tue Mar 7 15:00
      • But now your grip is steady - Holland, Sat Mar 11 15:53
        “ Yeah when I put this shirt on I did think you'd be proud of me making an effort to co-ordinate, or whatever. ” Holland beamed. They thoroughly enjoyed seeing that they had been a good influence on... more
        • My thoughts have wand-ered - Danny, Sun Mar 12 13:35
          “Hey, not bad,” Danny grinned at Holland’s transfiguration. If his enthusiasm sounded muted, it wasn't because of Holland’s performance. Yes, the prop of a wand was only the first step in a... more
          • *another wand pun* - Holland, Sun Mar 12 14:55
            Mostly ignoring Danny, Holland picked up the mint tin and examined it. The side opposite the new handle had also folded into a slight lip, which meant it was even closer to a creamer than Holland had ... more
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